Feature Documentary by Deborah Anderson

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Raising the Voices of the Native American Women

On 2018, Coach2Edify Foundation’s 7th year on the planet, Board Member, Kumiko Hayashi, a 24 year old visionary filmmaker and pioneer of bridging indigenous cultures to our own, became a catalyst for the most authentic expression of our Foundation to date. 

Kumiko became part of award winning photographer Deborah Anderson’s cinematography crew for her first feature documentary Women of the White Buffalo (originally called Sun Dancers). It all started with Deborah needing to find a way into an indigenous reservation, and meeting this young pioneering woman, whom at her young age, had already visited and served many indigenous reservations in the US and the Amazon, was Deborah’s bridge to Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, a Lakota Nation.

Left to right: Kumiko Hayashi (Producer/Cinematographer), Deborah Anderson (Writer/Director), Adam Schomer (Producer), Matthew Rebula (Production Assistant), Miguel Rama Torres (Director of Photography).

Kumiko realized Deborah needed a non-profit to give her benefactors the tax credits they deserve for their generous donations and that’s when she introduced C2E Founder Mayra McCullough to Deborah, and the rest is a beautiful story of how Mayra came full circle to meet with her past as a filmmaker, and how the career Mayra left behind 22 years ago was meant to bring her Foundation to the most organic and perfect development: becoming a Fiscal Agent for films that address, educate, and foster Foundations of Well-Being for underserved populations.

C2E landed with eagle wings to a film project spearheaded with excellence, passion, integrity and unprecedented momentum. Anderson, daughter of renowned Rock band, Yes, vocalist John Anderson, dear friend of Julian Lennon and Angus Mitchell, didn’t rest all year keeping to her pre-production, production and post-production schedule within 12 months. By the first week of January this year she had completed film’s editing and soundtrack production.

The film’s intention is to bring awareness and raise funds to support this reservations’ self-sustaining capacity in the areas of food sovereignty and health. 

While Deborah Anderson has been working hard to complete the production of the film that will educate, inspire and ignite people to action, C2E has been developing the type of program that will facilitate for this Lakota Nation the empowerment that is their birthright in the most sustainable and cost effective way. 

The film that brought C2E and Kumiko Hayashi together, her own documentary, The Roots Awaken, lead C2E to the Amazon rain forest in 2017, where founder Mayra McCullough and C2E Board Member Tim DeLorey, PhD, visited the community of Sarayaku and established our intentions to create a bridge of collaboration and support. Seeing an opportunity to start testing the grounds of collaboration with indigenous cultures, in August of 2018, C2E launched Trusted Global Exchange, a career exploration and development program for indigenous people interested in pursuing careers in regenerative wellness within their own communities. The program’s positive track record to date is preparing us to expand to the Lakota Nation once Women of the White Buffalo documentary starts raising the desired funds to establish a Global Trusted Exchange for Pine Ridge Reservation.

Left to right: Mayra McCullough (C2E Founder), Tim DeLorey, PhD (C2E Board Member), Shinae Gualinga (Assistant in The Roots Awaken and C2E Global Trusted Exchange Participant 2018-to date), Don Miguel Gualinga (Shinae’s Father and mighty fisherman)

For more information about Women of the White Buffalo, please go to the film’s website page: https://womenofthewhitebuffalo.com

For more information about Trusted Global Exchange Program, please go to: https://coach2edify.org/trustedglobalexg/



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