Trusted Global Exchange


Trusted Global Exchange (TGE) is a program which values exchange versus giving away services for free. We believe in empowering individuals to always have something to give back to the community providing for them.

We choose the populations we serve based on the communities our Media Funding Lab projects are supporting. 

All training provided is done via, a video based communication platform, the most sustainable and user-friendly vehicle of global exchange we have seen to date.

The two Media Funding Lab projects we are sponsoring, The Roots Awaken and Women of the White Buffalo, address indigenous nations. We are currently developing our first indigenous TGE in the Ecuatorian Amazon community of Sarayaku (featured in The Roots Awaken) and developing the model to meet the needs of the Lakota Nation who inhabit the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota (featured in Women of the White Buffalo).

C2E is also committed to serving elders in honor of our first benefactor ever, diseased and always loved Beverly Wertheimer, who wished her peers would know how to age gracefully and with vitality.  Beverly experienced “getting her life back” at the age of 83, when she began training with C2E Founder Mayra McCullough. One of the muses for C2E’s birth, Beverly became an avid fitness aficionado, taking annual Holiday Card Pictures of her adventures such as: weight lifting, paddle boarding, and rock climbing indoors. 

To find out more about Trusted Global Exchange, please e-mail us: You can also donate by clicking the PayPal Donate Button below. Your donation will be facilitating:

  • grants for indigenous and elder participants with lack of resources to receive C2E One-On-One Coaching guided by the 6 pillars of our Well-Being Model and most importantly, our participant’s needs
  • fund our expansion to reach more people by helping us invest in our freelance crew to do careful tracking of our results
  • grants to facilitate workshops to the indigenous and elder communities we serve

Thank you!!