“It has been great working with you.  Your e-mails and texts were wonderful.  I needed a variety of inspirations, and you delivered.  I tried to be clear about what language worked for me and what language confused me, and you were always receptive and game to try something new.
What helped me more than anything else in our work was your incredible spirit.  You believed in me and that radiated through in everything you said and wrote to me.  You have a remarkable heart and zeal for life and work, and that makes a difference.
I wanted to be clear when we met that I would work with you for four months and then end it, because I need to practice taking better care of myself than of others.  I am moving ahead to new adventures and new challenges, and in all honesty I am unlikely to do any of the C2E activities that you share with me.  But I will probably want to reach out for a recharge month or two with you if you’re ever up for that.  In the meantime, I may rejoin Equinox (they do have a no-fee-rejoining offer this month), and I’ll keep looking for ways to SUPERNATURALLY PRODUCE!!!” —Anonymous, Filmmaker (October 2015)

“Mayra McCullough has a unique way of doing things in life. She does yoga suspended in mid-air, she paints with her entire body, and she dances on a purely cellular level. She also has a unique gift for guided meditations and is able to tap directly into the source of her inspiration. She is not only channeling the right words and images, but through them, creating openings for real healing. This comes as a natural gift for Mayra, whose specificity of approach brings together wonderful connections of mind, body and spirit. Her guided meditations have come as a invaluable resource to me at the times when I need them most.”  —Gina Angelone, Filmmaker (November 2015)

“My workout routine today, more Animal Flow. My trainer makes it look effortless but I tell you, after doing this four times, I really feel it in my back, shoulders and pecks the day after and want to die. Oh, and super sets after this! Kill me now!!! It’s not easy but it’s sooo worth it!!! 

She’s not only my trainer but my psychologist, muse, dietitian and earthly guardian angel. With her guidance, she is freeing me from the chains of a 20 year long eating disorder, depression and pain, transforming me into the Phoenix rising from the ashes. She has lifted me out of darkness and delivered me into light, liberating me from fears and revealing a new world of freedom and possibilities. I transcend the limits of the physical mind to access higher levels of consciousness and awareness energetically shifting my life to step into my true self. Simply put, Mayra is changing everything. 

 Last month my life has felt like I’ve been at a retreat or one of those really fancy rehab facilities in Malibu. Powerful transformations, dramatic and at times even miraculous metamorphoses of the soul. If you ever come visit me again I’d love to take you to Coach2Edify.”—Nickey Collier (May 2015)



The following testimonials have been gathered since C2E’s start up season which began in November 2011. Mayra McCullough founded C2E as a 501(c)3 non-profit wellness center and these testimonials are from colleagues and some pilot program participants.

Maylisa Berrios: “…The [Coach2Edify] Foundation team… came up with a workout regimen and lifestyle-enhancing program customized for my specific needs. They designed a program that I could follow, but most importantly, they taught me how to train myself… I know so many single parents that can benefit from this program, and I will be advocating [its] mission… by referring possible clients… I’m not a cancer patient, or someone who had a serious health condition, but I experienced chronic pain, being overweight, and being seriously close to malnutrition. Thanks to Coach2Edify I feel I have 90% control over my health, energy levels, and balanced lifestyle. I can’t be more thankful.

Liuana Tolmasoff: “I’m a Psychologist in Encino, California, and there is not one day that passes where I witness the dramatic effect stress has on people. Whether it is financial, health related, work related, or related to time management, stress has a serious physiological effect on our nervous system, our thought patterns and energy levels. I’m pleased to see a Foundation focused on the population at large, filled with people who even though currently don’t appear to have any major ailment or disease, are, in reality, a walking time bomb due to the high levels of stress they are managing in their lives. These people need help to be proactive in detecting stress levels early enough so that they don’t fall into an endless pit of doctors, medications, expenses, and mental states that can turn many to dysfunction. I wholeheartedly support Coach 2 Edify Foundation’s vision and mission to bring balance to the lives of those with limited resources. A balanced lifestyle doesn’t require wealth, and empowering this segment of the population to lead healthy lifestyles can seriously have a positive effect in any community.”

Vanessa Passov: “The foundation, Coach2Edify, focuses on the education of stress management from a wide scope. From food choices to movement choices, from time management to thought management, Coach2Edify will help those people who need it most; single parents, families living paycheck to paycheck, the elderly, as well as kids who feel alone, marginalized, and forgotten. Most of the patients I deal with have the financial means to take classes, have a massage regularly, eat well and implement tools in their lives to control stress. Coach 2 Edify focuses on the very large portion of society that needs these services the most and yet have no real way of implementing them into their daily lives.”

Christina Auer: “[Enchanted Evenings] are truly a heart opening, spiritual experience!”

Diana Williams: “Coach2Edify Foundation’s Mayra brings her broad spectrum of certifications and experiences to the Coach 2 Edify Programs together with her never-ending passion to help people become self-sufficient in the areas of physical, mental, and spiritual personal care. Another new member who is making a difference.”

Regina Queen: “As a graduate of the Coach2Edify program, I have learned how to develop a personalized exercise regimen.  I have also implemented a personal accountability program for myself to exercise and eliminate stress. The series of classes have given me the tools to evaluate every aspect of my health; mentally, emotionally and physically.”

Sandra Rodgers: “Mayra McCullough, the Coach2Edify leader, is one of the best all around life coaches in the Los Angeles area!”

Michelle Belcheff: “Coach2Edify was an amazing, uplifting experience! Due to major setbacks in my life recently, I gained over 25 pounds from depression! Feeling frustrated and angry with myself for letting things get so out of control, I didn’t know which way to turn! I wasn’t feeling myself, I felt sluggish, stressed out where I couldn’t think straight, had a hard time sleeping at night, poor eating habits that left me with stomach issues; until I joined Coach2Edify, Mayra, who became my personal trainer for the next couple months of my life; assessed my situation, helped me put things in perspective. She taught me about healthy food choices, worked out an exercise routine that was attainable for my age, and busy lifestyle.

Joanna Koulis: “I absolutely loved the program. It taught me a bunch of easy ways to make healthy food and taught me to stay in shape and relieve stress in a safe and a creative way.”

Sandra Rodgers: “The most exciting vision unfolded before me this evening!!! Full of fun & magic & for a great cause! Tell your friends… pure empowerment!”

Blossom Shores: “Mayra McCullough has really been an inspiration and helped me to find inner strength to start my journey back towards a balanced lifestyle. I am truly thankful for the knowledge I have gained and the support I have received to fulfill that endeavor.”

Brenda Baker: “First, let me start off by stating what a beautiful soul Mayra McCullough, founder of Coach 2 Edify, has. Just being in her presence is uplifting and enlightening. In addition, the C2E Villa is just as uplifting. The moment you step foot in the Villa you feel calmer, more peaceful and grounded. It is a place where you can feel comfortable to explore your mind, body & spirit. I started coming to the C2E events in 2012 and haven’t stopped. The yoga, the organic vegan food, the various classes all inspired me to join her in her worthy cause of helping people live a better healthier life. Through her encouragement I was able to become her resident DJ, make meditation a bigger part of my life, and continue practicing reiki (something that I stopped doing a few years back when I entered the RN program in college). Mayra and the C2E foundation have inspired me to want to begin a dream of mine, to start my own health coaching business. The energy and support given to me was and continues to be priceless. I am forever grateful.”

Ruth Ann Rayburn Levine: “The Tai Chi, yoga and rejuvenating music was simply amazing, and the ambiance of [the Coach2Edify Foundation Villa] was mesmerizing.