TGE: Elders

In honor of our founding member, late Beverly Wertheimer, who became an avid fitness aficionado at the age of 83 with Mayra McCullough as her trainer, this program is dedicated to her wishes to share with other elders the impact movement has on the quality of every elder’s life. One or our main benefactors in our formative years, Beverly’s legacy remains alive in our Foundation.










Trusted Global Exchange for Elders offers free live video one-on-one training sessions to elders who qualify in exchange of them being willing to mentor other elders at the end of a 3 month training period, for at least half of the sessions they received. 

C2E assigns a lifestyle coach to assess participant’s needs for a few sessions and then we go more specific by assigning specialized coaches in various facets of regenerative wellness. Our Social Enterprise Network  team as well as other C2E colleagues work with them, with an allotted number of sessions based on C2E’s budget and issues to be addressed.

Pictures below of our current participant Jeannie, who lives in Florida, having a wonderful time connecting with her body once again.





For more information about this program and how to get involved, please e-mail us at

You can also donate for a specific grant you would like to give for an Elder family member or friend. Some coaches volunteer, while others get paid $30 for 30 minute sessions done one-on-one from their comfort of their homes using video conferencing technology.