TGE: Indigenous

We are currently working with an Ecuadorian Amazon community where we send a monthly stipend to a community leader willing to learn about a the pillar of Body Integration in our Well-Being Model. She takes the content and creates her own curriculum to take it to her community in the Amazon so she can learn as she teaches and develops a practice of her own. The program provides career development guidance, money management skills, and coaching in the pillar of interest of the community leader.

Here are images of a couple of our video based trainings….

Here are some photos of her first class in her community in the Amazon, Sarayaku:

For more information about this program and how to get involved, please e-mail us at

You can also donate for a specific grant you would like to give for an indigenous family member or friend. Some coaches volunteer, while others get paid $30 for 30 minute sessions done one-on-one from their comfort of their homes using video conferencing technology.