Social Enterprise Network


C2E’s Social Enterprise Network (SEN) aims at sharing the load of a non-profit’s financial growth and service offerings. 

All of SEN members are unique Social Enterprises driven by the passion of making accessible education on regenerative wellness, the science of tapping into our Natural Intelligence’s ability to self-heal, self-soothe and self-organize.

We desire to inspire others to take full ownership of their health and empower individuals to be self-sustaining on how to practice preventative medicine with confidence. 

Education is a key component and all SEN members have a part to play in the mission to bring Foundations of Well-Being to the educational front where learning and health-care meet.

C2E’s six pillars of well-being are all supported by our SEN Members. Whether it is by offering a workshop locally at accessible prices, or participating in our outreach programs as volunteer or paid coach, there is room for any regenerative wellness practitioner who owns their own business to activate their practice and be of service.

Our terms are customized based on goals, needs, and financial ability of each enterprise and we always find a way to co-create an uplifting experience for all involved.

There’s room for…

Philanthropists who wish to donate on a monthly basis from their Social Enterprise earnings to receive tax deductions, experience the power giving has over our financial growth, and wish to see our Piggy Bank grow in order to help underserved populations.

Practitioners who which to develop in their field and wish to help more people on a weekly basis in a very user friendly way and with pay.

Volunteers who know the power of service and are looking for a non-profit to share their knowledge with the populations we serve in a way that is fun and in a way where you feel acknowledged and appreciated for your generosity.

To find out more about C2E’s Social Enterprise Network, please e-mail us: You can also donate by clicking the PayPal Donate Button below. Your donation will be facilitating:

  • grants for new emerging Social Enterprises to get their website for minimal fees
  • grants to edit Social Enterprise’s events content in order to add to our educational library 
  • grants to support our Social Enterprises with various marketing needs

Thank you!!