C2E’s Official Healthy Creativity Selection 2022

See the Light Again

IDG Filmiské

For the last two years, young people have suffered the effects of lockdown as a result of the pandemic. The short is a look at that world to discover the importance of nature and its healing power.


Wituk Channel

Deep in the Amazon rainforest of Ecuador, indigenous peoples have kept their diet healthy for thousands of years. On this occasion, we present the Wituk Channel production sponsored by C2E.

We Invite You To Move

Animal Flow

“We Invite You to Move” explores free movement styles and the concept of flow, seeking out the commonalities that drive practitioners to continually pursue mastery in their area.

País Espejo

Natalia Sánchez

At the end of the 19th century, the town of Arecibo was a mecca of commerce and culture in the northern area of Puerto Rico. Today, the architectural and urban wealth remain as a memory of that economic strength and vitality of another era, but against the background of a city that is languishing.

Ashes to Trashes

Emma Estrada

Following her mother’s death, stressed out Leanne takes her reluctant adult kids to the beach to spread her ashes. Chaos ensues

C2E Podcast

MP3 Production

MP3 Productions Team were one of the winners of C2E’s Healthy Creativity Award on 2021. As winners, they are invited to do a healthy creativity project. They chose to produce C2E Podcast. On the C2E Podcast, we’ll be discussing all things Coach2Edify.

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