Lynn Elishaw


She is a sacred artist and an English Language Arts Teacher (20 years+, ages 3-Adults, honors, autistic, at-risk inner city, incarcerated). She is also a regular arts n crafts Art teacher (Montessori school ages 3-7). She has taught meditation/art workshops as well as performed as a Poet/Actor/Singer. She is a world traveled lady. And also is a caretaker of her father (for 20 years thus…he had quintuple bypasses in 1997 and strokes beyond number, partially blind now) This man is her first art teacher.

“When I harness a person’s request/intent in the universe (a prayer if you will) in meditation, I paint with a deeply pointed focus. Sometimes to the point where I can be more empathetic and emotive like a method actor–except I’m not acting. I’m communing from the deep well The Great Mystery . I draw parallels of that person’s intent into metaphoric symbols and sacred wisdoms and teachings. Insodoing…? The real magic of mind/matter/murkaba merge into something one calls “sacred art”. And it serves as a manifesting diving board with strong flexible foundations of deliberate thought.”