How is Raising the Voice of Indigenous Women Regenerative

C2E Board Member Kumiko Hayashi served as indigenous liaison and cinematography support for a very special documentary film which intends to share the truth of indigenous women.

On the road again…We packed the RV and we were off with two dogs in the back, our camera equipment, and enough food for two months. Deborah Anderson, the director of the current feature documentary film C2E is acting as Fiscal Agent, titled Sun Dancers, called me in to be a liaison for herself and the Lakota people of the Native American reservation. 
We set off to listen to the stories of women who have been abused and whose sisters have gone missing, an epidemic across America. Our mission was to stop the silence and give these women a voice to express the resilience brought about their deep practices of spiritual connection and culture.
I was honored to be a bridge for these women. It’s my mission to create value through production and media and provide a platform for underrepresented people. As a board member of C2E I am happy to be a part of this film and bring the values of C2E’s regenerative wellness to the film production realm.
For more information about this Feature Documentary, slated to finish editing phase December 2018, please got to our website’s page laying out the projects details and funding needs:
You can also e-mail Deborah Anderson directly at


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