Foundations of Well-Being Outreach

C2E’s Network of Micro-Social-Enterprises (NMSE) is dedicated to fostering education on Foundations of Well-Being. Each MSE is captained by Regenerative Living professionals, trained practitioners, and wellness advocates who walk the talk of a holistic lifestyle. Our intention is to facilitate a regenerative approach to the ecology that exists within us and around us.

We offer FREE Lunch and Learns and FREE Lectures to organizations interested in providing education on Foundations of Well-Being we were rarely given in our schools’ experience.  Whether you have employees, students, adults, children, participants or team members, ALL of us have been short-changed in the quality and depth of education regarding an accessible and self-sustaining map to optimum health. Our intent is to bridge the gap between healthcare and education, and to help people see that in order to have optimum health, we need to be taught how to achieve it.

The FREE Lunch and Learn or Lecture is designed to inspire and ignite a DAILY practice of self-care that is integrated in our culture just like brushing our teeth in the morning. We take the group through a RESET Cleanse tool that helps each individual reflect on our 6 pillars of well-being, and gather practices that have helped in the past or that have inspired curiosity. Tapping to our inner heart’s voice is made a priority in this process, intending to impart confidence in the vast amount of information our body holds about us and how to make every component within ourselves whole.

To see our guiding star and template of well-being please go to our C2E’s Well-Being Model page.

If you have an organization and feel inspired to infuse foundational health-care practices inspiration, resources and cheerleading, please e-mail us at