Dr. Tim DeLorey

Tim DeLorey, Ph.D., Regenerative Designer Tim is a highly published research scientist with a keen interest in exploring the “Natural Intelligence” expressed within the workings of the human “being” as well as through one’s relationship with the Nature.

Tim has been highly involved in permaculture for the past six years and is regularly involved in designing permaculture initiatives.

He is also a longtime member of theTransition Town Initiative in Joshua Tree (TJT). His current research interests range from the design of drylands permaculture systems to exploring soil building strategies, water harvesting methodologies, building with earthen materials, assessing nutritional densities of native desert plants and readdressing the concepts of what it means to be truly healthy (biohacking).  Through consultations, lecturing, workshops facilitation and publications, he is contributing his unique perspective to fostering a transition towards a more balanced way of being.

Eden Regenerative Design (ERD), Tim’s company based currently in Joshua Tree, California, aims to help clients move towards developing a healthy, balanced working relationship with their internal and external environments.  This is achieved through a deepening understanding of the relationship between our internal biochemistry, our humanness, and the biochemistry inherent to our natural surroundings. By first recognizing the deep patterns inherent in Nature we can begin the process of designing systems that support internal (biohacking) and external ecosystems (permaculture) resulting in regenerative human health and habitation.  This approach involves a collaborative effort between the client, ERD and a number of talented contractors, consultants and artisans that encompass a wide range of specific skill sets.

A new division of DeLorey’s work was launched this year with an additional Eden website focusing on Bio Optimization. As a Neuroscientist he has conducted research at UAB, UCLA, Stanford and the Molecular Research Institute. He has published extensively in the fields of epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, autism and neurodevelopment. For the past 25 years Dr. DeLorey has been fascinated by a phenomenon known as epigenetics. Epi (meaning above)-genetics is a relatively recent insight into how our environment, both internal and external, influences our gene function. In other words it’s the “Natural Intelligence” that directs the workings of the human “being”. By viewing the Life Sciences through the “lens” of epigenetics we are now able to gain a clearer perspective on the true nature of health. In this way, we are able to transition away from the current 20th Century Medical mindset of asking “what is the problem?” To instead a 21st Century Heath mindset in which we ask “why is there a problem in the first place?” To explore this aspect of Tim DeLorey’s work please go to Eden RD Bio Optomization.