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PGS Intuition : A film much needed in our world

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To find out more about C2E’s Time Shift Film Screening event on Wednesday, July 11 at 7:30pm at Edwards Cinema Grand Palace Stadium 6 in Calabasas, please go to:


My dear friend Julia Ho, invited me to a screening last month held at Laemmle’s Santa Monica Theater. I have been to a few screenings using the platform Gathr Films, but didn’t know that it is the new alternative to Theatrical Distribution via Community Cinema gatherings until Julia invited me to have a C2E Screening through this platform.

The movie “PGS – Intuition is Your Personal Guidance System” follows Australian Filmmaker Bill Bennett’s journey to find out what was the voice that saved his life. Bill shows us how to use our intuition through a global exploration of high level professionals in the field who have dedicated their lives to the Personal Guiding System inquiry.

Bennet plays with the GPS metaphor as a way of making a way too familiar dependence to other guiding systems in our world today. Our training in getting answers for our lives has been, for the most part, OUTSOURCED dependent. In other words, from Mom & Dad to Teachers, from Pastors/Priests to Doctors, from Published Authors to Public Figures, from Friends to even Strangers, most of our mainstream ‘seek for help’ direction has always brought us outside of our own inner wisdom. 

I personally was always described as being impulsive as a child, adolescent and many adult years. And I was!! Once I learned to manage my impulsive nature, I became kind of scared at following my own intuition. I thought to myself, “No, don’t go there, you know that gets you in trouble,” this belief had me always asking other people for their counsel and advice, like everybody else. 

I was cured from this co-dependent state of being 4 years after my husband died in 2012. After years of asking Pastors for advice, a series of events revealed the dangers of this practice, specially when I experienced myself having panic attacks about how God was mad at me for not continuing to follow the church. I realized my metal breakdowns where based on FEAR of not trusting my inner guidance. Years of seeking for the answer outside of myself created a pattern of fear when faced with having to make my own decisions.

Part of my journey as a Single Mother, Creative Entrepreneur, and Home Owner has been the tough lesson of trusting my inner guidance once again. This time, learning the difference between being impulsive, which listens to our ego nature (caring what others think, wanting to look good, concerned with doing what others expect of us); and being intuitive, which listens to our heart. Heart intelligence has been clearly defined by organizations such as Heartmath.org,  as capable of knowing all that is for our highest good as well as the good of the collective.

Above is an expression of my personal way of honoring MY TRUTH>



Our ability to find equilibrium in our day to day, is highly dependent on our ability to tap to our heart’s intelligence, together with our gut intelligence and brain intelligence. When we become aware of all three sources of KNOWING, we empower ourselves to harmonize every decision we make with our true core values. The more we know what those core values are, the more we have access to WISDOM. Some call it Higher Self, some call it Essence, some call it God within, but whatever you choose to call it, it is an aspect of ourselves that needs to be nurtured, understood, and trained to speak to us in the language we are able to receive inner guidance. 


I leave the rest to Bill Bennet at this beautifully shot film to express it’s practical and grounded poetry about the magic that unfolds when we tap to our Personal Guiding System (PGS), Intuition.

To find out more about C2E’s Time Shift Film Screening event on Wednesday, July 11 at 7:30pm at Edwards Cinema Grand Palace Stadium 6 in Calabasas, please go to:



ENERGY MEDICINE: Kidney & Bladder Health Article by Dr. Janice Kalec

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KidneyBladderBOXARTICLENature in all of Her wisdom arranges Herself in ever repeating cycles.  All life on our planet has access to communication from Nature.  In the season of WINTER seeds and bulbs of plants lie still and quiet, harboring great potential.  Winged ones and other animals have migrated to warmer climates or have found safe places to hibernate.  All of the plant and animal kingdoms listen intently to the messages of the cycles of Nature.  Urban humans are perhaps the most disconnected with Nature of all the species on earth.  Humans who do choose to hear the messages of Nature and live their lives accordingly find it easier to establish and maintain a higher level of health and wellbeing with greater ease.

In several health related systems each season is associated with an element.  The element related to WINTER is water.  We humans are essentially water beings.  The average weight of a human body is approximately 70 % water.  We start out life as a fetus being 99 % water and we float in amniotic fluid.  When we are born we are about 90 % water.  By the time we reach adulthood we are down to 70 %. In old age the percentage of water in our bodies decreases.  Throughout our life we exist mostly as water.

Water is the most receptive element.  Water has the capacity to  reflect and is considered a mirror of the soul.  All things vibrate each at a unique frequency.  Everything is creating sound as it vibrates.  Water, the MASTER LISTENER,  receives the sounds as it is so sensitive to each unique frequency being emitted and it efficiently mirrors the outside world.

As YOU ponder this, YOU who are approximately 70 % water, now in the apex of the season associated with water, is your interest peaked to learn more about how to consciously and beneficially work with this element?

Make it easier for yourself to stay healthier in WINTER by learning simple practices and meditations for this season.  Experience  gentle practices to help you consciously work with the emotion associated with this season, FEAR.  Learn how to better support your body with nutrition and helpful herbs.  Enjoy guided visualizations which you can repeat on your own.  Sleep is even more important to health in this season of longer nights.  Take home tips to implement deeper more restorative sleep.

Save the date: January 31, 2015.  Attend a workshop at C2E 10:30 am – 1:00 pm to learn more and enjoy a higher level of health with greater ease.

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