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Thank you for visiting C2E’s events page for our Social Enterprise Network (SEN), supporting education in the various pillars of C2E’s Well-Being Model.

Saturday, May 4 @ 10am – 6pm

Pillars it Supports: Holistic Health, Body Integration, Lifestyle Design

Woodland Hills, California (Los Angeles County)

Eco Villa

Embody Your Essence Presents….TUNE IN & TURN ON!

Join us for a day of wellness designed to nurture the feminine energy in women! This is a co-creation! The more you are ready and eager to receive, the more the channels will open for leading edge transformation to come through. Your journey begins energetically from the moment you sign-up. We are already holding space vibrationally for all who will be called together physically for this adventure.

The full day experience will include the following:

  • Morning and evening yoga practice
  • Group Beauty Alchemy Session
  • Afternoon Individual therapy session of your choice
  • Vegan lunch
  • Time for reflecting, writing, basking in the beauty of nature

To preserve the intimate quality of this experience, we are opening this event to 12 participants only. The women co-creating this event have been carefully chosen to create a high vibration and cohesive resonance.

Each therapist has space for 3 sessions in the afternoon. The sessions will be based on first-come, first-serve upon registration. Each modality is of the richest quality so be open if you do not get your first choice. The registration link will guide you through the process.

Here is an outline of the schedule:

9:30-10am  Arrival

10:15am Morning Yoga with Alison (begins promptly)

12pm Lunch

2pm Group Beauty Alchemy session with Narayan

2:45-5:30pm Individual Therapy Sessions 

5:30pm Closing Restorative Yoga Session

What to wear:

  • comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely – not too loose fitting and bring a layer or two to accomodate temperature changes throughout the day
  • bring a swimsuit and towel if you have an aquatic session or if you want to bask in the sun during your free time

What to bring:

  • Water bottle
  • Notebook and pen
  • swimsuit and towel if you have an aquatic session

We are here to answer any questions and to support your choice to gift yourself a day of self-care in the form of Tuning-In and Turning-On.

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Yoga with Alison Bristow 

Alison Bristow is a teacher, writer, and the founder of Embody Your Essence. While yoga is the modality Alison uses to facilitate awareness and alignment, her overarching passion is full-bodied, authentic self-expression. Seeing the light go on in others is what invigorates and lights her up. Now entering her 10th consecutive year as a yoga teacher, Alison’s guidance is infused with a wide breadth and depth of understanding. She also holds a tongue-in-cheek irreverence for the current and widely held stereotype of a yoga teacher persona and enjoys making fun of herself often. Alison’s work is honest, insightful, sometimes confronting, and always fueled by the energy and intention of LOVE.

Learn more about Alison including client testimonials here:


Morning and evening yoga with Alison.

The morning practice will be a deeply focused, alignment-based practice designed for tuning in on all levels. Immediately following, we will channel the momentum of self-connection into 15 minutes of stream of consciousness writing. This writing is for your eyes only!

  • The evening practice will be a deeply relaxing, restorative practice with sound, aromatherapy and vibrational tuning that allows you to absorb the impressions from the entire day on a deep level that goes beyond the intellect and into resonance with your essence.

Beauty Alchemy with Narayan

Narayan is the Founder and Alchemist at Narayan Beauty Alchemy. In 2005 she set out to bridge the gap between healing and beauty with her wildly hand crafted botanical beauty blends and Narayanology a whole body healing via the face. She is so passionate about women living  from there most authentic empowered self,  living in the flow of mother nature & father cosmos through the sacred space of the heart where life is a magical is co-creation . From this space a women can truly learn to live from a place of loving the self and all  others with grace & dignity 

Learn more about Narayan and her amazing products here:


Massage with Melissa Brown

Melissa Brown, Licensed Massage Therapist, while trained in traditional therapeutic massage, has an integrative approach that fuses the most beneficial aspects of Eastern and Western approaches to healing. Known for her work with the Arizona Cardinals, Melissa draws from her hands-on experience, depth of knowledge, and intuition to offer  treatment that targets the unique needs of each individual. Her embodiment of balance between physical skill and emotional sensitivity contribute to Melissa’s reputation as an incredibly gifted massage therapist.


Aquatic Integration with Mayra McCullough

Mayra McCullough, Body Integration Specialist, takes her 10+ years of experience in movement for health and wellness to the water element in her Oasis’ heated pool. Using the combination of warmth, buoyancy and the water’s resistance, Mayra facilitates bliss therapy. Deep states of relaxation, increased range of motion, and muscular tension release team up to reset your parasympathetic system. The 45 minute session of passive stretching, massage, and weightless motion promises to leave you feeling like heaven on planet earth.

For more about Mayra’s Holistic Fitness practice please go to:



“It’s like dreaming you are being guided in a dance by a mermaid!”

“It was like floating in outer space, or a womb, or in fact as a mermaid. The ultimate ride. A cleansing. A freakin baptism.”

Reiki with Meridith Lana

Meridith Lana has consistently channeled healing energy through her hands for over 19 years as an Intuitive Therapist & Reiki Master. The vibrations and messages she has received have helped so many release blockages and find their true paths. It is her biggest blessing to use these gifts to hold space and be of service to others…

Reiki is a form of energy healing shared by the laying of hands, on or off the body. Unlike massage the client stays fully clothed on the treatment table, or seated in a chair. Reiki reduces stress, induces deep relaxation and promotes healing of the whole person-mind, body, and spirit.

Vegan Lunch with Crystal Infusions

 by Chef Mo 

 We are so blessed to have our meal prepared by Chef Mo who has created a menu to support the intentions of our day!

Here is our menu…

Structured purified water infused with borage leaves, rose quartz and Kunzite Hot miso broth (non Soy) Mixed greens salad with hemp seeds, apples & red bell peppers served with a vinaigrette dressing

Main entree; Beet burgers ( vegan, made with lentils & quinoa flakes and more to provide adequate protein source)

Side entree: oven roasted sweet potatoes with kale and fresh herbs like oregano, ginger & garlic ( for healthy skin)

Late afternoon beverage service:

Mo’s Love elixir made with rose petals, damiana, raw organic honey & rose water, infused with rose quartz

**All food will be organic , vegan, nutrient rich, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and as locally grown as possible.

Maureen Cox, known professionally as Chef Mo, is dedicated to living and sharing a healthy life style through mindful cooking and conscious eating. In her words:  “Creating meals filled with vitality and flavor is my specialty. One of the elements that inform my food preparation is my commitment to meditation. As a self-taught personal chef I love melding healthy cooking with the Mindful practice of Presence. I cook with a purposeful, open, present-state awareness that expands my senses of smell and taste, heightens my enjoyment of the process and infuses the food with a beneficial aliveness. Just as research shows that water is changed by thought patterns, food prepared with love and conscious awareness possesses these same qualities. With ten years of meditative movement as part of my self-expression, I find cooking to be a dance of joy in my kitchen.”

***Other light snacks to nibble on will be available as well.

(Please note: dietary request section on registration form)


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All SEN Members are dedicated to co-creating to foster education on one or more of the pillars below. C2E’s Well-Being Model emerged on 2016 after 6 years of dynamic research and development in Los Angeles, California.