Saturday, August 11, 2018 / 9am – 5pm

Location: Eco Villa

(address sent upon registration)


PRICE: $80 which also includes vegetarian lunch, tea, coffee, and healthy snacks.
(10% of our profits go to Coach2Edify’s Foundations of Well-Being Outreach Programs for underserved populations)
Registration Closes: July 29 @ midnight
In order to keep the event intimate, registration will be limited and will likely sell out.
(REGISTRATION is required, please do not send payment without filling out the registration form. Thank you!!!)


Join us for a day of cutting edge information and experiences about health, where Day Camp meets Life Science Conference in Woodland Hill’s Eco Villa.
Come and learn from scientists Tim DeLorey and Natasha Shelby, as well as author Jenny Magnusson (Phood For Life) as they talk about mitochondrial health, beating cancer, and the new discoveries about the microbiome (gut health).
Holistic Fitness Specialist Mayra McCullough will facilitate a number of DIY Biohacks all will have the option to experience and feel the benefits in ACTION. Biohacks such as Grounding, Water Floatation, Trampoline, and Inversions in Mayra’s Geodesic Dome. This is optional and is for all levels of fitness.
You will also learn how to make your own Ketogenic Nutrient Dense Treats, Fat Bombs, that will help you get off sugar like a pro!
Vegetarian lunch, tea and coffee will be included.


9am – Check In (name tags/sign in sheet) Tea & Coffee served.
9:30am – 10:30am 1st Talk : Tim DeLorey PhD – Setting the stage with the scientific foundation of Biohacking.
10:30am – 10:50am Biohacking Break: getting sun / walking barefoot in the grass to ground with Mayra McCullough.
11:00pm – 12:00 2nd Talk : Jenny Magnusson – Applying science to a real life crisis: cancer.
12pm – 1pm Vegetarian Lunch
1:00pm – 2:00pm 3rd Talk: Natasha Shelby, PhD – Biohacking your gut microbiome: nutrition, water, and fasting.
2:00pm – 2:20pm Biohacking Activity: fat bomb assembly demo (by Tim)
2:30pm – 3:30pm Panel : Open Discussion
3:30pm – 4:30pm Fat Bomb Happy Hour 
Neuroscientist Tim DeLorey, Ph.D. has conducted research at UAB, UCLA, Stanford and the Molecular Research Institute. He has published extensively in the fields of epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, autism and neurodevelopment. Dr. DeLorey dives deep into the root cause of most of our health issues, mitochondrial dysfunction. In pursuing this exploration Dr. DeLorey learned of  Biohacking. Biohacking is a term used to describe health-optimization that utilizes cutting-edge scientifically validated Life Sciences research (biochemistry, epigenetics, biophysics, etc.). His Social Enterprise website for Bio-Optimization is Eden Regenerative Design.
Jenny Magnusson  is a Natural Health Advocate who started her career in News and Television in Europe and has worked on documentaries on National Geographic and History Channel among others. She is now dedicating her time to spreading the information she has acquired from healing from cancer by following the 12 natural steps she shares in her book ”pHood for life”. She reduced her tumor by 80% before surgery in only a few weeks without any conventional intervention. The aim for pHood for life is that people will have a better understanding of what their options are in order to make an informed choice about their health.

Natasha Shelby, PhD, has a masters in biology and a doctorate in ecology. Her research is focused primarily on host-microbe interactions, botany, and nutrition. She has taught lectures and lab courses in cell biology, ecology, and evolutionary studies. A board-certified Editor in the Life Sciences (ELS), Natasha reads widely by profession; she began researching various aspects of biohacking in 2012 and has since incorporated many of these scientific principles into her lifestyle (including cold thermogenesis, extended fasting, and ketogenic diets).

Mayra McCullough has been serving the west valley for 10 years as a master personal trainer as well as a body integration, holistic & eco fitness specialist. She’s the Founder & President of Coach2Edify Foundation dedicated to improving quality of life in underserved populations. She is an avid creative entrepreneur and owns two Micro-Social-Enterprises: Eco Villa and Mayra Holistic Fitness. Passionate about stress management solutions, Mayra has designed unique systems of regenerative lifestyle integration which are transforming our fitness mindsets from temporary co-dependent to empowering self-sufficiency.