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C2E’s Healthy Creativity Award is a recognition to producers of edifying content under the paramaters of human and planetary health.

The wave on content being produced for streaming has grown exponentially since COVID hit our world in March 2020. Specially content dedicated to education around topics about personal and planetary health, such as the realm of DIY health protocols, inspirational content, documentaries about climate change, and narratives that share stories about transformation.

Coach2Edify wants to be a curator of this type of content and recognize organizations investing in the production of such content.

C2E’s 1st Healthy Creativity Award will be given in the most important Caribbean and latin America youth/young adult film festival: Festival Ponte Los Cortos on April 2021.

C2E will be developing relations with other Film Festivals and content producers to expand the power of recognition of content created to edify our humanity and planet.



Connects with Human Biology or Planetary Ecology

The content addresses an aspect of biology and/or ecology, including factual statements and truths about a particular ailment in the organism of the planet or a human being.


The content informs the audience of facts having to do with an ailment and presents an individual’s unique approach to addressing the ailment.

Asks Important Questions

The content must present important questions about the status quo approach to health and it’s solutions. Specially myths and traditional belief systems that are far from the truth.


The content inspires specific actions and mindsets that take an individual closer to their path to health.

And the winner is…

And the winner is…


IDG Filmiske

Genre: Drama / Healthy Creativity

Synopsis: Society has always set a standard for female beauty. This is the story of a young woman who discovers that she suffers from an autoimmune disease, known as morphea. Also, her internal struggle to accept her condition and show herself as she is.

Runner up

Runner up

Fix your crown

MP3 Productions

“Fix Your Crown” is a song about friendship and how, as friends, we must always support each other and fix each other’s crowns when they’re tilted.

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