The blessings and challenges of bringing Foundations of Well-Being to our first University setting.

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In April this year we had our first FREE Foundations of Well-Being Edu-tainment Presentation to University students. A rich experience on the stress management education field.

Our SOKA Experience~ Two of our Board Members, Noemi Watanabe and Lynn Elishaw, speak frankly, openly and authentically about our first experience as a new re-formed Board at C2E. It was also the first time we go to a University setting doing an outreach program. Many more to come!

By C2E Board Member Noemi Watanabe:

To me, the SOKA experience was an amazing one.   Not only did all of us board members come together in community, but I felt we brought our magic to SOKA.  The SOKA experience was an enlightening one in that even though we felt our program was a valuable one, it was not well attended which could have been due to the school break or low interest.   Even though the participation was low, it was great to work together, create a program, and present it.  I feel that the impact we had on the few students that participated was worth it.  

By C2E Board Member Lynn Elishaw:

My experience was with an adventurous spirit. We wrote the script, rehearsed it in the space, and executed it well because we played to our strengths. I led the skit portion of the edutainment as I am already comfortable leading because I’m an English Language Arts teacher. 

I enjoyed being on such a beautiful campus. Yet it was empty. The designated performance space. And that was disheartening. My guess is that little promotion was shared. And it’s also my guess that perhaps people already have their own version of healing…? The whole purpose was to share and exchange in a dialogue where our specified modalities of healing could be offered as part of their (the audience) own personalized routine. 

I know that for me, hearing the other ways that people bring themselves to homeostasis was inspiring and helped to refine my own routine. Slowly and gradually. 

Couple of not so fun moments were the madness of the toll booth situation and yes again.. the fact that only two people were in attendance. 

Overall, as a team, C2E came together and gracefully executed a dedicated time. Even if we, the members, were the majority of witness we still kept our integrity in tact. 

By C2E Founder and Board Member Mayra McCullough:

We believe that all happens for a reason, but not me that day. I experienced my ego having a fit about the lack of attendance. I was offended and felt overly responsible for the rest of the Board who took time to attend this event. I’m so grateful for our team that called me on my lack of gratitude and hyper-attention to the things that didn’t go so well. Once I was done having a ‘temper tantrum’ sort of speak, I landed to that place of knowing ALL IS WELL and chose to believe my own Mantra: is not about quantity but quality. We did have some high quality time with the handful of students that were drawn. They were so appreciative. My greatest take-away, was seeing our Board all come together in a beautifully co-creative way, in excellence, and full integrity to the heart of our work: in service for all to have Foundations of Well-Being.

How is Raising the Voice of Indigenous Women Regenerative

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C2E Board Member Kumiko Hayashi served as indigenous liaison and cinematography support for a very special documentary film which intends to share the truth of indigenous women.

On the road again…We packed the RV and we were off with two dogs in the back, our camera equipment, and enough food for two months. Deborah Anderson, the director of the current feature documentary film C2E is acting as Fiscal Agent, titled Sun Dancers, called me in to be a liaison for herself and the Lakota people of the Native American reservation. 
We set off to listen to the stories of women who have been abused and whose sisters have gone missing, an epidemic across America. Our mission was to stop the silence and give these women a voice to express the resilience brought about their deep practices of spiritual connection and culture.
I was honored to be a bridge for these women. It’s my mission to create value through production and media and provide a platform for underrepresented people. As a board member of C2E I am happy to be a part of this film and bring the values of C2E’s regenerative wellness to the film production realm.
For more information about this Feature Documentary, slated to finish editing phase December 2018, please got to our website’s page laying out the projects details and funding needs:
You can also e-mail Deborah Anderson directly at