A Vision Quest for our New Love Paradigm

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BarrySelbyWorkshopJune7#2(72res)As I prepare my heart for today’s workshop here at C2E, Creating your Love Blueprint, with Relationship Coach and Author Barry Selby, I’m in awe with the importance of this work and so excited that we are actually doing something about understanding the new paradigm of love in these uncertain times. Kudos to all who have registered for this workshop today! It takes courage, vision, and faith to sign up and invest time and money in an area where most choose to stay in the crazy repetitive patterns of romantic love dysfunction. I was the first one on that line of denial victims for 47 years, enduring like a champion, failed relationships time and time again. I mean, I call myself the Jesus of relationships because I have seen it all when it comes to romantic love soul-workout bootcamps, from death to financial betrayal to infidelity, my little heart has gone through the grinder, to the point that I finally had to accept the ONE thing I’m too old for: another heartbreak!! Heartbreaks are just plain toxic to our bodies, minds, and spirits, but they also hold the fire of transformation…the question is…how many fires do we really need to go through before we realize that just like anything else in life, if we really want it, we must do the work, set forth the vision, remove our own obstacles, and most importantly LEARN TO LOVE OURSELVES!

Times ARE uncertain, huge shifts in the roles male and females play have taken place in the last 3 decades, leaving us with an old instruction manual for this partnership technology of LOVE. Things don’t work the same because we are not the same…women have evolved to finally participate in the ‘provider’ role, freeing men from the huge burden of being the sole provider, procreation is no longer the principal intention of joining forces romantically due to the planet’s overpopulation reality, financial challenges call for immediate family to stick around a little longer than usual in order to combine resources and thrive (in other words, for all the single parents out there, your kids might not be able to fly to full financial independence right after their higher education, which leaves little physical room for that life-partner to set roots in your family’s home). Another huge shift has been our increased ability to consciously heal, to transcend from any situation, and the ability to recognize crisis as a precursor to transformation. This is a great power we are developing, a power that when infused with LOVE propels us to wholeness, to the heaven on earth we were promised to have.

May you be inspired and drawn by your being to answer the call to heal your heart, and step into this new evolutionary paradigm, where the courage to love ourselves unconditionally has become the new requirement to succeed in loving others and allowing others to love us.

There’s still time to join us today, Saturday June 7th from 1 pm to 5pm, at C2E’s Villa for what promises to be a truly transformational event as we create the space, lead and supported by Relationship Coach Barry Selby, to heal our hearts, set forth the vision and then run with it! To register just go to any of the links in this article or e-mail mayra@coach2edify.org.

Written by Mayra McCullough, Founder & President of Coach2Edify