Coach2Edify: 501(C)(3) for Community Wellness

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As Coach2Edify (C2E) evolves, our concept gains more clarity and structure, and our original mission of creating health and wellness becomes both fulfilled and fulfilling. I’m grateful for the rich tapestry of life benefits we offer our community. We create a culture where self-sufficiency in personal care of body, mind, and spirit is second nature.

C2E is a 501(C)(3) non-profit corporation dedicated to improving community wellness. Our primary purpose is to “edify” others through one-on-one fitness consultations, nutrition coaching, life coaching, and group classes. Why did we choose to organize as a 501(C)(3) Nonprofit?

A benefit of our organization as a 501(C)(3) means that our clients–whether corporate or individual–can write off 50% of the cost of our services. Getting healthy while getting a tax benefit!? That’s a win-win situation.

C2E benefactors are those who purchase training programs. When benefactors invest in themselves through C2E, they are also investing in the community by making a way to offer currency-free training to those who are low in cash flow. This currency-free program is called The C2E Tribe Program. Program participants can receive training using the time bank concept of exchange: for every hour of training received, they give one hour of their time to C2E. This program is offered quarterly to a new group of participants. We are currently receiving applications for the Summer Quarter, and have the capacity for seven participants each quarter.

Creating platforms for Transformational Leaders on the Rise is another C2E mission. Transformational Leaders are those passionate about facilitating transformation in order to overcome crisis, whether physical or spiritual. We call this resonance Supernatural Production. That’s when we tap to that frequency where we feel supported by the universe in all that we do: that place where we are connected to the flow of nature. I feel it personally when I’m very in tune with my meditation practice. Schedules work themselves out, people come to you with exactly what you need, and you seem to find rock star parking everywhere!

Tap into the flow! To learn more about becoming a benefactor, participant or coach at C2E, please feel free to contact C2E President Mayra McCullough,

The OmGym Transformation

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Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 2.57.04 PMFollowing last week’s introduction to the OmGym, we invited our client Shannon to share her OmGym experience with us. Shannon’s honest approach by sharing her fears and reservations are inspiring. We love reading about Shannon’s OmGym transformation, and hope that you will, too.

It sounded so strange: when Mayra McCullough described the OMGym workout to me, using words like “suspended,” “inverted,” and “cocoon,” I had visions of Cirque du Soleil performers in skimpy costumes; their taut, bendy bodies moving in ways I never could. I have no flexibility, and never have. I have never been in shape. I am usually on the brink of war with my body. Occasionally, it decides to break down when it can’t take any more abuse, and I reluctantly give it a break just long enough to get semi-functional again before I go back to pervasive and destructive habits of high stress levels, lack of exercise, and emotional eating.

The OMGym sounded scary. It sounded like it demanded a certain level of lithe physical fitness and balance. It sounded dangerous. It could not be for someone like me: overweight and out of shape.

It’s not like I’ve never worked out, though I was born with some minor physical issues. I’ve had gym memberships. I’ve even had personal trainers who worked me so hard on several occasions that I threw up. It didn’t matter to which gym I belonged; each one had the same stifling atmosphere of judgment, competition, and negativity. I hated going there, so I didn’t. But I paid my monthly membership dues anyway, to maintain some shred of hope that I would find the motivation to get in shape.

“Just try it,” Mayra urged. “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” I could break my neck, I thought to myself, but I agreed to give it a go because, well, she seemed so happy, like she thoroughly enjoyed her workouts.  I’ve never enjoyed exercising, and I didn’t believe I’d enjoy the OMGym either, but I was desperate to change.

Mayra must have sensed my nervousness when I arrived for my private demonstration. She smiled warmly and took me by the hand.  “We’re just going to play,” she reassured me.

And play I did, once I let go of fear of failure.

I swung. I hung upside down. I flew like Superman. I laughed. I did exercises I never knew I could do.  Maybe I didn’t look it, but I felt like one of those beautiful performers from Cirque du Soleil. Graceful. Strong of body, mind, and spirit. There was no failure; there was only support.  And then it hit me: I was enjoying working out.

The OMGym movements are playful and soulful. In some respects, my body had never worked harder. I was sore, but I didn’t hurt. I felt tired, but also rejuvenated.  The entire process made me feel gratitude for my body, and the workout was like a peace offering.  I started to trust my body, and my body responded in kind. My energy level skyrocketed. I couldn’t wait to do it again.

I’ve been playing ever since.

I know that the OmGym sounds strange. And it is, at first. But then it’s magical and wonderful and uplifting. It becomes something else. I became something else. Or maybe I became myself, finally, for the first time.

Introduction to the OmGym

At Coach2Edify, our approach to Three-Dimensional (3D) Fitness fosters whole-being wellness. We champion fitness as well as personal transformation. The effects of 3D Fitness transform the body, mind, and spirit and shift your outlook from ordinary to extraordinary.

As part of developing fitness practices and regimens for our clients, we’re always looking to play. We love developing programs that our clients love—why should fitness be routine, redundant, or anything less than pure fun? That’s why we love the OmGym.


After I attended certification training for the OmGym in Baltimore, I knew that I had to integrate the suspension system into the Coach2Edify fitness routine. I built a unique space for OmGym training at our Villa and christened it the OmDome.


So what is the OmGym? Founded with the mission to inspire joy within movement, to offer the most effective, versatile tools for health and fitness, and to create eco-friendly and affordable fitness solutions for all, the OmGym is a versatile suspension training system.

In 2005, OmGym founder Sarah Kellett, ERYT-500, discovered the dynamic art of suspension and realized it to be crucial in her own path of recovery.  She had previously spent years exploring rehabilitation methods after a car accident left her with painful compression injuries and spinal misalignment.

Informed by her extensive background in athletic therapy and yoga, she then implemented and built upon the age-old practice of inversion and traction therapy, which reaches all the way back to ancient Greece and Hippocrates, the “father of medicine.” (Hippocrates may have been influenced by an even older tradition. Indian yogis had been using ropes and vines to assist in their exercises for thousands of years). In the modern era, world-famous yoga teacher B.K.S. Iyengar popularized the use of rope and fabric slings to help with inversions and a great variety of suspended and supported yoga poses.

Ms. Kellett combined the most effective elements of these traditional ideas and expanded upon on them to catalyze her own rehabilitation program. Her rapid healing soon gave way to an even more amazing development: a pain-free recovery with greater strength, flexibility, and success than she’d dreamed of!

What was the secret?  The use of variable support allowed her to fearlessly integrate new movement strategies. She was able to use gravity as a means of decompressing spinal impingements, while gently expanding her range of motion, deepening her awareness of her own center of gravity, and rebuilding the stabilizing muscle groups essential to optimal recovery and beyond. She used traditional exercises and yoga poses as a departure point, but later integrated many therapeutic and fitness techniques to evolve this practice.

Inspired to share her new ways of healing with her community, Sarah founded OmGym LLC with the enthusiastic commitment to offer the greatest of healing and personal fitness tools worldwide. The OmGym Suspension System is now the most user-friendly, portable, adjustable, versatile, attractive and eco-friendly multi-gym on the planet.


We offer both OmGym training at our Coach2Edify facilities, and an OmGym package for purchase, delivery, and installation of your own OmGym that includes an introduction and training session with me, Coach2Edify Founder Mayra McCullough. Please contact us for more information, and play your way to Three-Dimensional Fitness!

Read more about the OmGym on their website.

3D Fitness Flows for your Self-Optimization Sanctuary

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Last week, we gave you some tips for creating a space for home self-care by creating your Self-Optimization Sanctuary (S.O.S.). Your sanctuary is a sacred space to foster a daily fitness and well-being regimen.

Here is an example of what my personal S.O.S. exercise flow looks like. Please note that my objective is not to give you a specific set of exercises; but ideas on how to flow with the needs of your own body.

At Coach2Edify, it is our mission to inspire others to create a sustainable and consistent self-care routine that becomes as second nature as brushing one’s teeth in the morning. Activities such as journaling, meditating, and creative expression are also recommended to integrate in your S.O.S. time. For personalized workouts to do at home, please feel free to contact us for a free consultation.