There’s just something about Playing!

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Yesterday I lived one of the most glorious days I’ve had in a long time…as I realized that I was actually living my dream. Nothing glamorous….but all beautiful, beautifully purposed to help us connect with our higher selves, to live heaven on earth, and enjoy supernatural production. By Friday I was very aware that I might have overbooked my day on Saturday. And as it happens so often now because of our vow to NOT DO STRESS, I just took deep breaths along the way, did whatever I could do to open windows of efficiency in the process, and just trusted that it was all going to flow with the GO! One thing I’ve been making sure I do: eat very clean, get a lot of sleep, and keep my 30 minute SOS workouts per day on track (which includes about 10 minutes of journaling/and or meditation). No matter how I wanted to just keep working, I just kept telling myself: ‘I’m sorry love, but this is definitely more important.’ Saturday came with a glorious inspiration to be up by 5am, when after getting my cup of tea, I had the best focused time to prepare for my workshop and big C2E Tribe Meeting. I was able to write lesson plans and meeting’s agenda, get resources and print all materials by 9am, after this I was going with half hour breaks through 9pm. Yes, lately always trying to catch up with myself, but in a very fun, and playful way. Being ok with dropping a few balls here and there, and most importantly, staying present, so present. My day was so complex, yet it felt so simple, and effortless, there was not one issue that couldn’t be solved or that it didn’t flow with ease. I call this Supernatural Production: having no idea how I’m going to pull something off, but allowing confidence to help me trust that the Universe that it has my back.

Here is a touch of our Play Day where the magic never ceased for a moment….

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