S.O.S. Training™


Method's Overview

S.O.S. Training™ : DAILY, at HOME, FOREVER!

It is a general understanding today that in order to reach optimum levels of performance, a fitness lifestyle needs to be implemented. It is also common knowledge that the only thing warrantied in our life these days is CHANGE. Our planet is currently in a crisis that is demanding more than optimum levels performance, is demanding constant expansion and evolution of our abilities, skills, mindsets, and levels of support. Mayra McCullough has been exploring methods and systems for the past 10 years, and has distilled the system she has found gives her clients the most comprehensive approach to well-being: BODY INTEGRATION. Mayra defines Body Integration as the process of connecting all the dots that make up our whole BEING: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Full BODY INTEGRATION requires a deep commitment to caring for every aspect of ourselves: DAILY, at HOME, FOREVER. Mayra has created the Self Optimization Sanctuary (S.O.S.) Training™  method with the intention of helping people gain the knowledge, inspiration, and passion to take ownership of their well-being by performing daily sacred rituals of self-care at home.  Mayra uses the word sacred because in order to have the passion and dedication to actually do this daily, the time and space created needs to be regarded with great respect and reverence. Mayra facilitates the creation of your own living altar in order to create a vortex of self-care where you are drawn effortlessly and look forward to connect with yourself, your body’s wisdom, your intuition, and your truth in this space.

Mayra’s various programs (semi-privates in her studio, travel expeditions, privates via Skype or in person) are designed to teach participants how to personally train themselves by creating their own Self Optimization Sanctuary (S.O.S.) at home. C2E’s S.O.S Training™ is dedicated to teach people how to create their own piece of heaven on earth by establishing a DAILY practice of well-being, at HOME, FOREVER!

Mayra McCullough, a fervent proponent of what visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard calls “Regenopause,” will guide you to finding YOUR customized system that will draw you in effortlessly to do what is required to feeling younger every year!

Method's Benefits

This method is designed to give the following benefits:

• Own a lifestyle that will never be a temporary fad again!

• Become empowered to KNOW how to keep your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies balanced and connected for not only optimum performance but constant expansion of your human capacities.

• Have a RESET system in order to realign yourself with your desired well-being lifestyle every 3 months

• Have clear understanding on how to keep your workouts balanced so that all the energy systems, ranges of motion, and modalities of movement can be applied monthly.

• Have a complete understanding on how to talk and listen to your body, in order to know what your body needs.

• The knowledge on how to address most of your body talk, in other words, when you hear your body say “My back feels tight.” you’ll know exactly what to do in order to address the tightness right at home.

• The ability to integrate body, mind, and spirit, in your SOS workout with simple and precise tools for focus, self-awareness, tension and stress release, as well as the ability to bring in gratitude, love, and positivity.

• A set of nutrient dense seasonal recipes, seasonal energy medicine modalities, creative expression outlets, as well as nature connection outlets that will turn your life into a RETREAT LIFESTYE!

• The opportunity to have a local community of well-being enthusiasts who are into co-creating, and connecting heart-to-heart.

• Have a great foundation for a Meditation practice.

• All you need to create your own piece of Heaven On Earth!

Various Options for S.O.S. Training™ w/ Mayra McCullough

Private Sessions Via Skype or in Person: Price range $60-$85

Semi-Privates Classes at C2E’s Dome: Price range $25 – $20

Travel Expeditions w/ 3 month pre-travel program + 6 nights / 7 days travel itinerary: All Inclusive Price Range $1400 + air fare

2-3 Day Workshops for your private/corporate group or studio: Price Range $250 per day (up to 16 students)

3 months Webinar Programs with 1 biweekly Webinar (Total 6 Webinars) + 1 biweekly Coaching Call (Total 6 Calls) + E-Mail Access w/ Mayra: Price Range $190

1 month Summer Program for Youth (middle school-senior high school) with 2 classes per week: Approx Price $350

Who is this method for?


Youth ages 12-18


Young Adults 19-24


Adults 25-85


Expectant Mothers


Those in the Dark Ages of Fitness:

– Believe they can actually get away with NOT exercising for more than 1 month

– Are running on empty

– Obsess with how they look vs. how they feel

– Keep ignoring body discomforts and aches

– Think are too old and too late to be comfortable in their bodies again

– Feel stiff most of the time

– Need to take a break after 15 minutes of dancing

– Are afraid to get injured

Testimonial about SOS Program

Ever since I can remember, I have been trying desperately to accept and love myself. In my mid-20’s I determined that I was officially “too fat”, “ugly” and generally not conforming to what I perceived to be the ideals of my peer group. I began restricting calories and specific food. Although my friends were supportive at first, I interpreted their support as criticism…I had to be thinner, smaller and quieter. I was in school and had to work hard, be at the top of my class and be the best. 


Five months passed and I lost 53 lbs by taking my weight loss plan to an extreme, sometimes by not eating for the day. When I started it gain weight again, it was because I started to binge. Then I would feel so guilty that I would force myself to vomit. This cycle repeated itself for nearly 20 years.


It was about April of 2015 when I decided that I had enough. Even though I seemed intelligent and well-adjusted on the outside, my inside was a constant struggle of not measuring up, depression, feelings of abandonment and anxiety. Taking this painful conclusion to heart, I began therapy and sought out alternative ways to tone and strengthen my body, whipping it into a shape that I could accept. While out for a walk one day in the neighborhood, I stumbled upon Mayra McCullough and enrolled in her S.O.S. (Self-Optimization Sanctuary) program.  We did weights, dance, Om-Gym, Animal Flow and, luckily meditation. It wasn’t long when I began to notice changes not just in my body and posture but also in my thought patterns. As I continued the practice, slight decreases in anxiety, negativity and improvements in my self-esteem were my surprise rewards.


I kept up my S.O.S. practice even after our sessions ended but because of Mayra’s body, mind and spirit approach, it allowed me to branch out, to seek other forms of exercise. Somewhere along the way, Mayra had me looking for something deeper, something that was missing so I registered for AIDS/Lifecyle.  Whatever it was that had become lost along the way was becoming a distant memory. It was through my experience with Mayra that I found what I had all but given up hope of finding…a body integration program that physically, intellectually, spiritually and emotionally came together with my body and my mind and melted into my soul.


I am hooked for life. I can feel something, deep inside, that I have never felt before, something that no other physical or spiritual path has ever given me a touch of. I feel like I will be okay, like I am good, like I have come home to somewhere safe and warm. I feel my life unfold, new opportunities arise and I leap at them. When I ride my bicycle I take more difficult, intimidating routes. I cry through meditation as I feel my sister’s hands in mine, healing from emotional wounds from years before.


My eating disorder has become something that I can work through with the breath, consciousness and the new-found courage that the practice gave me. I thought about it long and hard and then I took the leap.


Here I am, now training to ride my bicycle 545 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles, no longer sure that I will die any day and be better for it. Now I have the hope, strength, love and power that only Mayra could have given me. I have the tools to not only face life with my head up but also to carve the life I choose to live. I can recover, I can heal, I can connect, and I am capable of anything. Thank you, Mayra

Nickey Collier