Inner Explorations: Spring 2017 Edition

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Join Mayra McCullough and Dr. Tim DeLorey in a 3 month program designed to discover the path that leads to a well established and rooted regenerative living lifestyle.

• 3 months

• 6 calls (anywhere between 60 minutes and 90 minute calls) with content & guided meditations (all recorded for re-play)

• manual with over 30 pages of content

• access to support from Mayra McCullough and Dr. DeLorey

This program runs in conjunction with our Global Explorations travel programs. This is included in the $1400 travel packages of 6 nights + room & board in the following countries:

Puerto Rico (April 24-30)

Last two calls are in May, so a lot of the Co-Creative Matrix content will be reviewed during the trip to Puerto Rico and then calls in May will be accessible to this group.

Ecuador (June 4-10)

Registration for the travel experience (we see it as a graduation from Inner Explorations) is done through the respective pages. Registration instructions below are for those NOT going to a Global Exploration.

Inner Explorations program is available to all for $190. This will be the beginning of a lifetime of practices that will keep you feeling regenerated for the rest of your life.

To register:

1- Fill out the Registration Form after reading pricing details in the tabs below and indicate how you will be sending your deposit (Option A or B below, also explained in registration form).

Inner Explorations Registration Form

1st Inner Explorations call will be on March 12 at 7pm via with options to be with us LIVE or hear recording later.

Enjoy a 6 minute intro by Mayra McCullough

Mayra McCullough and Dr. Tim DeLorey will facilitate Inner Explorations, a 3 month program designed to discover the path that leads to a well established and rooted regenerative living lifestyle. You will have access to Coach2Edify Foundation’s well-being model which emerged through 6 years of research and development in stress management. You will have the opportunity to look at your current life through a comprehensive well-being lens that will establish an upgrade in your lifestyle. We will support you in your process through e-mail, texting or phone calls and help you define the lifestyle that supports your highest, most fit, and grounded good. From nutrition to fitness and all the components of health in between, we promise to make accessible and attainable the complexity of owning wholeness and being intrinsic to the world around you.

All calls will be scheduled on a SUNDAY AT 7PM. Which specific Sundays will vary each month.

Calls Duration: 60 – 90 minutes

Format: Attunement, Check-In, Teaching, Guided Meditation

Calls 1-3



During this call, Mayra will share how she defines body integration, it’s importance and how to achieve it.

• learn to listen to your body in order to be aware of potential injury or illness in the future

• tap to your intuition to know how you need to move in your workout any given day in order to support your current challenges

• connect with all the components within yourself and learn how to clean, regenerate, and find the center of every component in order to feel balanced and well most of the time

March 26: Self-Sufficiency Matrix and Holistic Medicine

Dr. Tim DeLorey will give a comprehensive overview of the changing landscape of health and brain function optimization coming out of cutting edge biochemistry labs from around the world. During the call Tim will address ways in which you can start the process of reclaiming control over your own health.

• learn the most grounded areas of holistic medicine today and how to access it with discernment

• gain access to key tools to begin your most important science experiment: YOU

• understand the importance of biohacking

April 16: Self-Sufficiency Matrix and Creative Expression

During this call we will look at the creative state and how it is medicine to our systems. Mayra will share how she brings creativity to her self-care practice and guide you to select a creative experience that will have you explore your own creative expression.

• find the way you need to express yourself

• discover the aspects about yourself that are screaming to be seen and experienced by you

• gain the wisdom that comes with every creative impulse

• experience the power of creativity and how you don’t need to be an artist to be in a creative state

Calls 4-6



Dr. DeLorey is amongst the new breed of scientist, what is being reffered to as “Wild Scientists”.  These are scientists that are moving away from taking a reductionist approach to nature and moving back towards holistically understanding and connecting with nature. Relating to nature in this fashion impacts personal nutrition, habitats in which we personally create and live (permaculture) and the way we go about connecting with the larger community.

• learn the purpose and practice of permaculture and how to apply it today in your life

• tap to natural intelligence and experience it’s genius

• understand how you can have a closer connection with nature to gain resilience

May 14th: Co-Creative Matrix and Lifestyle Design

Mayra will be mapping out the components of creating the life that is aligned with your values. From how you spend your time to the overall quality of your day to day. This will be a RESET button on those areas of your daily routines which are not aligned with what’s truly important to you.

• take the time to reflect in how your current life is designed and the life you would like to design

• do inventory of areas where you find an unacceptable design and strategize with simple steps to start seeing the design you desire

• align your life’s plan with your true values

May 28th: Co-Creative Matrix and Community Building

Tim and Mayra will be together in this call embodying the practices that keep their partnership in life flowing with ease and grace. Whether is family, friends, colleagues or business partners, the art of relating to one another is more important than ever. You will receive tools you can apply right away to those closest and farthest from your heart.

• experience the power of deep listening

• learn about the science of ‘resonance’ and how we can start co-creating like a flock of birds or a school of fish

• get the agreements that will revolutionize any group’s process

Mayra McCullough

Lucidity Pics-Mayra1

Mayra McCullough is the Founder and President of Coach2Edify Foundation (C2E), an Oasis of Transformational Fitness, also a Master Trainer and Body Integration Specialist. She has defined Body Integration as a holistic approach to fitness that intends to integrate all components within ourselves, in order to become whole and intrinsic to the world around us. 

6 years ago, after a highly successful tenure in the acclaimed world class gym Equinox, she was inspired to dedicate her personal training practice to empowering individuals to take full responsibility of their well-being in order to attain wholeness on a daily basis.

The systems that have emerged through C2E are designed to establish a culture of authentic, meaningful and deep self-care DAILY, at HOME, FOREVER. This culture of eliminating the constant stop and go patterns of truly loving ourselves in consistent action leads to Body Integration, which enhances our ability to be intimately connected to the vast information and capacities for the body’s regenerative qualities to emerge.

Her classes are filled with intention and deep attention to the body as it talks to us and shows us all kinds of interesting things about ourselves. She facilitates inner dialogues with all of our bodies: the physical body, the mind body, the emotional body, and the spiritual body, among others. From bodyweight calisthenics to rhythmic movement, her sessions flow with pure intuition, and the joy she experiences as she shares her gifts is always contagious. Not only does she help you work things OUT, and become OPEN and CONNECTED to your body, but her intention is to daily find our equator, our center, and our truth through her guided meditations.

Becoming whole is the first step to what she calls reaching baseline. We live in a time where this is no longer a lofty goal but a tangible reality that only requires immense LOVE IN ACTION towards ourselves. The next step, as she sees it, once we have reached that baseline, which she measures by simply looking at our ability to be in the frequency of love, joy & gratitude MOST of the time, is EXPANSION, increasing our capacities, in order to match the challenges of the times. When we increase our capacities, we evolve. Evolution is part of our natural process as a species, conscious evolution is when we can infuse love to our powers and the world around us with the intention of creating the world we want to live in. It has become evident to her throughout her 10 year practice in the health & fitness industry that in order to expand, we must co-create, we must follow our yearning for community in in order to create the world we want collectively. It became evident for Mayra that solo-entrepreneurship was not the way.

Since C2E’s inception she have been drawn and inspired by the concepts of co-creation, which she learned about from world renowned visionary Barbara Marx Hubbard as well as the 30 year old non-profit Global Family and their book The Co-Creators Handbook, which has been a guide to practice with likeminded sisters, such as Dr. Kalec and Nancy Hawkins, processes that foster our ability to join others in resonance and shared genius to fulfill our heartfelt purpose.

What you are about to see is the culmination of 13 years of research and development that was initiated with her deceased husband’s passing as she searched for practical ways to keep her peace in the midst of crisis. We are all constantly in crisis this day and age, we are all on the same boat of uncertainty about our financial future, about attainability of sound governance in our country, about the lies that we have believed, and the truth to uncover. We are all walking with huge questions that need to be addressed, reflected on and taken action upon. We are living at a time where becoming whole and having a deep sense of belonging to the world around us needs to be embraced as if our life depended on it, because it does.

Dr. Tim DeLorey

Lucidity Pics-Tim1

Tim’s passion for science and Natural Intelligence started at an early age, when he received his first chemistry set at age10.  He went on to obtain duel degrees in chemistry and physics and worked in areas ranging from Wastewater treatment to working on the Space Shuttle.  Afterwards, Tim went on to earn a Ph.D. in Neuro-biochemistry and pursued a career in Neuroscientific research for 32 years at  UAB, UCLA, Stanford and the Molecular Research Institute. Tim has published an extensive number of research publications in the areas of epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Angelman Syndrome and Autism. In the most recent 10 years, Tim has extended his scientific inquiries to include consciousness and regenerative living, which applies a Holistic approach towards investigating health, biochemistry and the natural environment.

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