In a Nutshell

On 2016, after 6 years of research and development on the field of stress management, a Well-Being Model emerged through C2E, giving us the template of well-being we have been seeking to understand in order to make something very complex accessible to all of our audiences. Having a co-creative model where various Social Enterprises* collaborate by taking turns in taking on the education of each pillar within the Model, seemed like an excellent way to create a cohesive team of experiential educators dedicated to the Science of Regenerative Living.**


*Social Enterprise defined: A social enterprise is an organization that applies commercial strategies to maximize improvements in human and environmental well-being—this may include maximizing social impact alongside profits for external shareholders.

**Science of Regenerative Living defined: The term “regenerative” describes processes that restore, renew or revitalize our own sources of energy and materials, creating sustainable systems that integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature.

We are currently on our Pilot Program for the first season of the C2E Network initiative called Spotlight. C2E Spotlight Crew supports the sustainability of  each Social Enterprise by Sponsoring 2 events scheduled for the following calendar year. The idea is to keep bringing in new Social Enterprises Annually to keep our content of education on each pillar fresh, new, and diverse. Each Social Enterprise commits to donating a percentage of their gross profits from each C2E Sponsored event to C2E’s Outreach Programs for underserved communities, also dedicated to the fostering of experiential education on regenerative living. 

The infographics below map out Spotlight Crew’s Focus per quarter and how Spotlight’s revenue funnels to our Floodlight Crew, in charge of outreach programs.