Media Funding Lab’s Story

2018 was the year when C2E became crystal clear about our self sustaining strategy and income stream to fund our outreach programs. After 6 years of struggling with failed attempts at fundraising events and grant proposals, suddenly, without us planning it or even seeing it coming, the answer came: C2E becomes a Fiscal Agent for a prominent film production which needed a 501(c)3 to provide the project’s benefactors tax exemption without them having to become a non-profit. 

C2E Founder Mayra McCullough, a graduate of UCLA’s Film School, was gratefully surprised to see her passion for film awaken once again after leaving the industry 22 years ago. Board Member Kumiko Hayashi, was the bridge to two film projects that were produced with C2E’s Fiscal Sponsorship. Kumiko’s own The Roots Awaken 2.0, and Deborah Anderson’s Women of the White Buffalo. Hayashi’s first version of The Roots Awaken was C2E’s first film screened in our Time Shift film screenings in Los Angeles and Joshua Tree that took place in 2017. The screenings included a Cacao Ceremony lead by Mayan Calendar keeper José Muñoz, who also felt the call to be part of C2E’s Board of Directors along with Kumiko.

On 2018 C2E passed through more than $150,000 dollars in donations for these projects. The Fiscal Agent fee created a cash flow where C2E began to see their Piggy Bank grow and be able to start funding our desired Outreach Programs. The films also helped us focus on a specific demographic: the indigenous population, and we began the Global Trusted Exchange program with an indigenous tribe in the Amazon, a community that had been featured in Kumiko’s The Roots Awaken.

We are targeting to develop the Global Trusted Exchange program in 2019, in order to be ready to take a similar model to the Lakota Nation’s Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, featured in Deborah Anderson’s Women of the White Buffalo.

In 2018 C2E also became allies with Rob Ortiz and his production company UnderD’Radar, responsible for the most dynamic, smart, and empowering youth Film Festival in the America’s: Festival Ponte Los Cortos (Put Your Shorts On Festival), hosted in the island of Puerto Rico, is where Ortiz has tapped into the greatest potential the island has for its recovery after Hurricane María: the passion and creativity of young people on fire to bring the island out of it’s difficult state of affairs. Rob Ortiz, Mayra’s brother, came up with the name of Media Funding Lab when Mayra proposed they worked together on fomenting this rich landscape of talent in the island.

Media Funding Lab (MFL) will provide Fiscal Sponsorship to Media Projects that can meet the criteria based on C2E’s 6 pillars of well-being and integrity track record. The Lab will also facilitate opportunities to media creators and alumni of Ponte Los Cortos to work with mentorship on our Sponsored film productions. For example, if Fiscal Agent project, The Roots Awaken 2.0, needs graphic designers to make it’s poster, or editors to cut a preview, or musicians to do the soundtrack, the Lab calls Rob Ortiz to recommend members of his new type of agency. This is C2E’s way of supporting founder Mayra McCullough’s Mother Land, Puerto Rico. MFL will also provide mentorship on co-creative practices to foster the practices of resourceful integration and heart based collaboration in order to make the production experience stress free, healthy and fun.

The rates of percentages that get charged as the fee of being a Fiscal Agent under MFL Program are the following:


C2E Board Members or C2E Network Members:

5% on donations above $5,000 

7% on donations under $5,000


Non-C2E Members:

7% on donations above $5,000

9% on donations below $5,000


For more information on how to submit your media project please contact