Our network of transformational practitioners includes fitness coaches, doctors, artists, financial analysts, reiki healers, massage therapists, detoxification specialists, chefs, raw food experts, shamans, skin therapy experts, and creatives who have have one thing in common: they are each passionate about change and transformation, and are positive catalysts to their circle of influence and the world. One of Coach2Edify’s mission is to provide a platform for new leaders in the field of conscious commerce, and at the same time provide a rainbow of tools to all benefactors and participants that will facilitate self-sufficiency of personal health in body, mind and spirit.

Our Resident Practitioners are those who currently take appointments in the Villa. At the moment those are fitness trainers Mayra McCullough, Angela Dalmau, and gentle chiropractor Dr. Janice Kalec. Our network is made up of local transformational leaders who have shared and received one or more of our practitioners thumbs up. This network is accessible to do workshops for our Build-A-Workshop Program, customized courses for groups carried out on site or in C2E’s Villa.


Mayra McCullough, CPT, CMTA, CN, CPLC


Mayra McCullough, Coach2Edify’s Founder and President, is both a nine-year veteran of the Hollywood film industry and an elite Personal Trainer. Her passion and skill have brought her much success in both the film and fitness industries. Mayra takes education seriously: after acquiring her Bachelor’s from UCLA with a focus on film and television, she worked as an Assistant Director on feature films prior to working at the exclusive Equinox gym for over five years as a Tier 3+ Trainer and Master Instructor. She has since earned over 15 certifications in fitness training, various modalities of movement and nutrition, as well as Certificate of Distinction from the National Exercise & Sports Trainers Association (NESTA) for having demonstrated a commitment to education beyond standard requirements. She has well over 8,500 physical training hours to date and champions fitness in all its forms. Mayra’s desire to assist people from all walks of life in experiencing Three-Dimensional (3D) fitness in body, mind and spirit; as well as her desire to give to her community are the foundation for the C2E’s landmark of success.

Mayra’s Certifications



Dr. Janice Kalec, D.C.

Dr. Kalec72dpi

Dr. Janice Kalec, B.S.ED., B.F.A, D..C. is a gentle chiropractor in the San Fernando Valley with 32 years of experience assisting her patients in achieving higher levels of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. Her comprehensive care includes a number of different non-force adjusting techniques, the use of A.K. (Applied Kineseology), T.B.M. (Total Body Modification), N.E.T. (Neuro Emotional Technique), E.F.T. (Emotional Freedom Technique), CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, Cold Laser Therapy and other modalities. 818-577-3536

Patients working with Dr. Kalec experience relief from sports and other injuries, allergies, migraine headaches, tension headaches, elevated cholesterol, high blood pressure, palpitations, neck pain, low back pain, reduced range of motion and discomfort of ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, elbows and wrists and a wide range of other symptoms and complaints.

Over the past 15 years many doctors, other chiropractors and therapists have referred their patients and clients to Dr. Kalec for her unique work with emotional release techniques.


In addition to holding a B.S.ED. from the University of Maryland, B.F.A. from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from the Southern California Institute of Health Sciences, Dr. Kalec was privileged to participate in 3 ½ years of study at the Frank Lloyd Wright School of Architecture in Scottsdale, AZ, Spring Green, WI, and Montagnola Switzerland. Classes in Performance, Creative Movement and Dance Therapy at Columbia College and Goodman School of Drama in Chicago were the foundation that lead to participation in a post graduate program in Movement and Dance Therapy at U.C.L.A.


Throughout chiropractic school Dr. Kalec sought Doctors teaching leading edge classes and workshops in nutrition, Applied Kineseology, Non-force adjusting and other innovative techniques over and above the required classes for graduation. During her 32 years of practice she has continued to enhance her education.

For many years she taught students in public and private experimental schools.  During her journey from school teacher to her career as a gentle chiropractor she studied and taught Creative Movement and Dance classes.  It was also her good fortune to study with many Native American elders, participating in and ultimately facilitating a variety of ceremonies.

As a workshop, seminar, retreat leader and Certified Dream Builder Coach she draws from her eclectic education and life experiences creating and holding sacred space for participants to discover their own unique gifts.



Chef Mo


Maureen Cox known as Chef Mo, a resident of Woodland Hills, and C2E Neighbor, has been cooking and living a healthy life style for most of her life. She has been engaged in meditative movement for over ten years. As a self taught personal chef she loves melding two of her personal practices, healthy cooking and a mindful practice of presence. Her commitment is to create delicious nutrient dense organic foods in a mindful way which supports a healthy lifestyle. While she has no formal education in nutrition she is constantly reading, learning and expanding her knowledge base about food, sustainable growing practices, dietary challenges, and the use of herbs and spices to increase the health value in foods.  A  practice of  mindfulness in the kitchen opens awareness, along with expanding senses of smell and taste, which heightens enjoyment of the process and thereby the outcome. Using organic fresh ingredients she creates and home-cooks weekly menus for our community that are not only vegetarian and organic, but contain nutrient dense foods with purpose, foods that can create a feeling of happiness, open energy centers in or bodies, or have a calming effect.  She believes we are what we eat  so the ingredients we use, along with our state of mind in the act of preparation, can  create the reflection of wholesome health inside and out.


Maureen  started her learning about the connection between food and health when she trained as a medical office assistant, she spent several years working in the medical field and then was called to another love of textiles and art and received a certificate in textile design. Connections she made in the textile world led her to a friend’s class in moving meditation. The class opened up a world of mindful practices in freeform movement and ecstatic dance, energy medicine principles, reiki to name a few. Maureen became a Reiki Tummo practitioner. Along the way Maureen was always expanding her knowledge of cooking and nutrition thru self experimentation, taking classes and reading, she realized that she wanted to be of service in helping others to eat healthier. Maureen became Personal Chef Mo and started cooking for clients in their home, producing MotoGo meals from her kitchen, teaching classes and always continuing her experimentation and expansion.



Carly Michelle Pepin

CarlyI first started doing yoga with extreme hesitation 🙂 It wasn’t until I found the right teacher that I began to love the practice and really enjoy the classes. Finding the connection between the body, the breath and the mind was the experience that inspired me to teach.

Today I enjoy teaching playful and dynamic classes that work to balance your Yin (right brain) and Yang (left brain). I teach to bring the same type of Yoga high and laughter to my students that has continued to inspire me to pursue a deeper practice for myself.



Joanna Koulis

JoannaNamaste everyone! I’m Joanna, I’ve been dancing since I could crawl. Dance is my therapy, and the blood that runs through my veins. Classically trained, with Hip Hop, Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, and Belly Dancing as my specialties. Studied and trained my entire life at various studios and some practice at Santa Monica College and UCLA. Currently going to school with Psychology as my major and Dance as my minor. What more can I say? I get lost in the love of movement. Come get lost with me!
 Please make sure you e-mail to make your reservation. Thank you!!!



Reverend Gene Polhamus

GeneReverend Gene Polhamus is an ordained minister in the Sakya Tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. He has studied and practiced the Dharma for nearly twenty-five years, and was ordained by His Holiness Jigdal Dagchen Sakya Rinpoche on the auspicious day of Lhabab Duchen in 2008.

Reverend Gene has received numerous Dharma teachings and transmissions from many eminent masters of the four major schools of Tibetan Buddhism. Because of his vast knowledge and serious commitment to the practice and study of Buddhism, His Holiness Sakya Dagchen Rinpoche authorized Reverend Gene to teach the Dharma publicly in 2009. He is qualified to teach upon and guide students through the Hinayana, Mahayana, and Vajrayana paths of Buddhism. He has experience leading meditation services and has taught publicly on numerous occasions at Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism in Seattle. His teaching style is erudite, practical, and full of humor.



JoAnn Stevens-Flores


My name is JoAnn Steven-Flores, I am a mixed-media Artist in Southern California. I grew up in Northern California and received a Bachelor’s Degree in Art (Studio) from Sonoma State University. My emphasis in college was drawing although I took everything I could fit in, Art History, 3D Design, Ceramics, Watercolor, Oil and Acrylic Painting, Life Drawing and all sections of drawing from beginning to advanced. I still enjoy being a student and have continued studying through extension courses, workshops and online classes.

I have worked as an Art Department Coordinator and Accountant in the TV and Film Industry for over 13 years. I was finally able to land a part-time job with Universal which allows me to spend more time in my studio doing what I love!  My work has been exhibited in group shows, has been seen on “Desperate Housewives” and most recently on the television show “Go On.” I just had my first solo show during the month of October at Art Departure, here in Woodland Hills! I have done volunteer work with Free Arts for Abused Children in Los Angeles; and I started teaching last year privately but am thrilled to announce that I am now teaching Art Journaling for the C2E Health & Wellness Center here in the San Fernando Valley. C2E does a monthly Field Trip to my home studio, where we create the space and support to do Art Journaling.



Nikki Olson

NikkiNikki Olson is an international ultramarathon runner, triathlete, personal trainer, yoga instructor and group fitness instructor. As a competitive collegiate athlete, Nikki made the decision to complete her degree in Exercise and Sport Science from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in 2004. Her career in fitness quickly took her from her roots in Wisconsin to her current home of Southern California. Nikki Olson has trained a wide range of clients using their needs and goals to create individualized fitness plans. Nikki has used her expert skills while working with youth at a residential weight loss program, celebrities at upscale gyms, and continues to share her passion for health and fitness every day through training clients in the Los Angeles area. Nikki Olson is the creator of Get Out, Be Fit! Her mission is to help others learn to use the outdoors to become physically healthy, mentally balanced, and internally happy. “When I Get Out of my own way, and Get Out of my head it is always best. Everyday teaches us valuable lessons about ourselves and introduces us to new ways in which we can grow.”​

C2E Tribe does monthly Field Trips to Nikki’s amazing Sunset Yoga Hikes, which are usually scheduled for the 1st Sunday of every month. Please click here to check C2E’s Calendar to find our next Nature Connection Field Trip!