SOS Multi Media Projects


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C2E Founder & President Mayra McCullough takes us through an inner exploration journey along with DJ Kya (Megan Wagoner) and Video Designer Cervos (Claudio Renyer) as she guides this meditation to the magical images of sacred geometry.

Claudio and Megan are part of C2e’s Time Bank Program where they trade classes with Mayra on her geodesic dome using suspension yoga slings in the round. Cervos video tapes the classes on a Go Pro and does his magic with the video design software he uses to animate events partnering with DJ’s and creating to the DJ’s sound. Kya is the master sound mixologist who records each sessions Guided Meditation and brings in her sound fx tool box to masterfully complement Mayra’s voice. Claudio and Megan are alumni’s of C2E’s Youth Programs and are currently pursuing the creative careers. C2E supports creative youths through organic co-creative programs of regenerative living. For questions about these programs, classes, and any of our services please e-mail: (Suspension Yoga Classes) (Video Designer Claudio Renyer) (DJ Megan Wagoner)


Guided Meditation – Mayra McCullough

Videography & Editing – Claudio Reyner

Sound Recorder & Mixologist – Megan Wagoner




Featuring the track Tribal by Badmarsh & Shri in their Album Signs,  “Essence” will take you to a very intimate space with Mayra, her S.O.S. (Self Optimization Sanctuary). Mayra trains people to create their own S.O.S. at home that embodies their own living altar of well-being. It is in this space that Mayra finds strength, comfort, inspiration, release, witty ideas, great joy, piercing screams and all the jungle of life wants to express through this homo-luminous beast, Mayra McCullough, Master Trainer & Body Integration Specialist. Mayra is the Founder and President of Coach2Edify, a residence based boutique gym, spa, and urban retreat in Woodland Hills, California. Mayra offers S.O.S. Training™ Programs to those ready to turn their lives into their greatest masterpiece!


Conceptualization / Design / Art -Mayra McCullough
Still Photography-Deborah Kolb
Videography-Mayra McCullough
Editing-Mayra McCullough