My 2014 Vision Quest with Laura Hollick’s Nü Icon Movie

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NuIconEntry2014BulletinThis Post is dedicated to a lovely journey I took with one of my favorite transformational leaders of our times, Laura Hollick, who has dedicated her life to be a visionary guide to help us find what she calls our Iconic Essence. This is my second year participating in Laura’s Nü Icon Movie event, a free global event guiding transformational leaders on the rise to connect and clarify what our essence, our highest selves yearn to express in this world. The idea is that when we connect with this core, this essence, we tap not only into realizing our potential, but also expanding our potential. The event draws young, creative, and conscious entrepreneurs who support each other with love and encouragement, creating a Facebook Private group that vibrates with resonance! The event finishes with a contest I love participating in and my entry is the piece here above, which is a summary of my journey in this Nü Icon Movie vision quest. The contest winner gets a scholarship to work with Laura in the 12 Month Nü Icon Program. Working with Laura has been one of my heart’s desires for a while. Laura Hollick’s amazing guided rituals, shining example, and captivating inspiration brings our beauty, our gifts, our passion, and intuition to the forefront of one of the most practical aspects of our lives: financial freedom. As creative, spiritual, and elegantly wild as she is, Laura is not shy about the word money, and with great skill she brings her 5 Star operation, Soul Art Studio, to infuse excellence and success in very tangible ways that produce results.

Below is a little tour of my NuIcon Movie experience this year….

Here is me all set up for my Vision Quest weekend in C2E’s Dome. Laura taught us about Portals which creates  an opening in space and time to our new reality and vision. I was able to use all the tie-dyed coffee  filters from our Scrolls that we did for the Gentle Barn this month. A lot of love and care went to creating those and it was a wonderful way to carry that energy in this crucial space.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.09.50 PM Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.10.40 PM Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.10.23 PM

Through a series of rituals that Laura took us through we explored various facets of our essence and how to apply the qualities expressed in the process.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.35.27 PM Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.11.40 PM

For 9 days I dedicated myself to spend time in solitude, reflecting, meditating, allowing more to come through me. I had a big sheet of watercolor paper for each of the areas I was seeking guidance on. One side I would let the right brain express with art and then on the other side I did all my left brain lists, outlines, and more lists! It is amazing how much our brain can hold in when you see it all laid out in front of you! It’s a very intuitive process where many times I just sat blank, hitting those walls, but I’ve learned to patiently wait for the download. I call the download that moment where you feel wisdom and truth flow through you like sweet honey. That moment where you feel LOVE so deep and profound that there is no doubt that I’m communing with God at that very moment. It was a truly glorious journey.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.11.04 PM

Last Sunday I was ready to bring the whole journey to it’s final expression for the Nü Icon Movie contest entry. I did a little selfie photo shoot in the Dome again, allowing what needed to be expressed to come forth fearlessly and authentically. The Montage I did for the Nü Icon Movie Contest was an expression of my sense of re-birth, clarity, and deep connection with an abundance, guided by the Quetzal, that is secured for my life. I have clarity, confidence, and the liberty to be me because it is simply the smartest thing to do, for ALL of us!;)

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.13.59 PM

Another OmGym® Suspension Yoga™ Routine!

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This one is a short and sweet post of this VLOG that I recorded before going to Wanderlust this Summer. This routine is OmGym® Suspension focused, preceded by about 5 minutes of me talking about the SOS Practice. To those who have an OmGym® at home, please let me know in the comments below, how else can these videos help you get more familiar with your system. Enjoy!

The Co-Creative Culture

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c2a6619424bee00bcd43f301f1dc3413As you may all know, I’m addicted to being inspired! I seek inspiration daily and in the past year, one of my greatest sources of inspiration has been the topic of Conscious Evolution. What does that have to do with FITNESS??? EVERYTHING!!!! The smartest way I have experienced getting fit is by addressing our personal evolution as a whole. Our personal evolution depends highly on integration, not balance. Personal integration of body, mind, spirit first, then integration with our families and communities. We have been learning about balance to achieve wholeness for the past decade or so…and now is time to bring it all together to create the heaven on earth we have been promised! I’m evolving to become a social architect whose passion is highly driven by finding JOY in everything. As I troubleshoot C2E’s models of collaboration to find the most joyful, productive, effortless, and stress free working environments, I’ve come across the concept of Co-Creative Cultures. During my recent class with Barbara Marx Hubbard, The Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary, she introduced the concept of the Co-Creative Culture after 6 intensive months of personal evolution processes. Now I’m diving into her Co-Creators Rising class which started yesterday!! For any of you interested in the subject, I have created a little 5 page handout with all I learned during my introduction to the subject. If you feel drawn to this subject and find yourself wanting to do more with this idea, PLEASE EMAIL ME ( or leave a comment here below! I’ve included a list of Co-Creators’ Agreement which can come very handy to anybody managing groups of people.

The Co-Creative Community

VLOG: How to step up our sustainability practices pt2 of 3

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In this VLOG (4 minutes this time!), I share with you one more tip that will help you raise up your sustainability bar to another level. Green Festival almost here! Celebrating our ability to become sustainable in our personal care of body, mind, and spirit! A few free tickets to Green Fest left. E-mail if you’re interested!


VLOG: How to step up our sustainability practices Pt. 1 of 3

GreenFestivalC2EWe are soooo excited for this coming weekend, when Green Festival, LA will be at the LA Convention Center and C2E will be collaborating with OmGym International once again, in their Yoga & Movement Pavillion! Sarah Kellet, OmGym International’s Foundress, has invited me to teach some classes as well as doing demos for OmGym Yoga Suspension System.

I have a feeling this event is going to be like a class reunion of a giant community thriving for the best lifestyle in the planet: a Sustainable One!! In this VLOG I share some tips on how to step up our sustainability practices now that we seem to have recycling down for the most part. Time to let our practices evolve to their next level! Bringing the macro to the micro, just for a little while, before we can go and fly for our planet.


Let’s get this conversation started! Forever!



20 minute SOS w/ Mayra 7/10/14

Ok! This is take 2 of my SOS videos! Thank you to those who have offered feedback! It really helps me help you in providing another tool for self-sufficiency training! May you be inspired to Personally Train Yourself!!!
Please feel free to send your comments to Thank you for taking the time to watch, I hope at least I’m keeping you a little entertained!!

20 minutes SOS w/ Mayra

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Self Optimization Sanctuary training is how we roll at C2E. We train for self-sufficiency in personal care of body. mind and spirit. Every session is focused on equipping you to integrate all aspects of yourself to a focused time of personally healing, strengthening, and just BEing with YOUR body, listening and giving it what it needs. This video explores this style of training in a very raw form. This is Mayra’s personal experience in her SOS, which includes vocal guidance to focus herself, a few drum beats, and a flow of strength, flexibility, balance, cardio and power drills. Enjoy!!


A Vision Quest for our New Love Paradigm

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BarrySelbyWorkshopJune7#2(72res)As I prepare my heart for today’s workshop here at C2E, Creating your Love Blueprint, with Relationship Coach and Author Barry Selby, I’m in awe with the importance of this work and so excited that we are actually doing something about understanding the new paradigm of love in these uncertain times. Kudos to all who have registered for this workshop today! It takes courage, vision, and faith to sign up and invest time and money in an area where most choose to stay in the crazy repetitive patterns of romantic love dysfunction. I was the first one on that line of denial victims for 47 years, enduring like a champion, failed relationships time and time again. I mean, I call myself the Jesus of relationships because I have seen it all when it comes to romantic love soul-workout bootcamps, from death to financial betrayal to infidelity, my little heart has gone through the grinder, to the point that I finally had to accept the ONE thing I’m too old for: another heartbreak!! Heartbreaks are just plain toxic to our bodies, minds, and spirits, but they also hold the fire of transformation…the question is…how many fires do we really need to go through before we realize that just like anything else in life, if we really want it, we must do the work, set forth the vision, remove our own obstacles, and most importantly LEARN TO LOVE OURSELVES!

Times ARE uncertain, huge shifts in the roles male and females play have taken place in the last 3 decades, leaving us with an old instruction manual for this partnership technology of LOVE. Things don’t work the same because we are not the same…women have evolved to finally participate in the ‘provider’ role, freeing men from the huge burden of being the sole provider, procreation is no longer the principal intention of joining forces romantically due to the planet’s overpopulation reality, financial challenges call for immediate family to stick around a little longer than usual in order to combine resources and thrive (in other words, for all the single parents out there, your kids might not be able to fly to full financial independence right after their higher education, which leaves little physical room for that life-partner to set roots in your family’s home). Another huge shift has been our increased ability to consciously heal, to transcend from any situation, and the ability to recognize crisis as a precursor to transformation. This is a great power we are developing, a power that when infused with LOVE propels us to wholeness, to the heaven on earth we were promised to have.

May you be inspired and drawn by your being to answer the call to heal your heart, and step into this new evolutionary paradigm, where the courage to love ourselves unconditionally has become the new requirement to succeed in loving others and allowing others to love us.

There’s still time to join us today, Saturday June 7th from 1 pm to 5pm, at C2E’s Villa for what promises to be a truly transformational event as we create the space, lead and supported by Relationship Coach Barry Selby, to heal our hearts, set forth the vision and then run with it! To register just go to any of the links in this article or e-mail

Written by Mayra McCullough, Founder & President of Coach2Edify