Chef Mo’s Food Angel and her angelic food wisdom!

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This blog is brought to you by C2E’s Nutrition Arts Counselor, Maureen Cox, aka Chef Mo. Here at C2E Chef Mo saves those who are kitchen challenged (like me!). She facilitates weekly an organic/vegetarian menu that we can order from via e-mail and go pick up every Tuesday with our recycled Mason Jars! She grows a great part of her menu’s ingredients with the help of genius gardener husband Thomas Cox. She also practices Mindful Cooking, which ensures our Mason Jars are not only filled with the most wholesome ingredients but all the love from Chef Mo’s heart, a heart filled with compassion for all people, and that is aligned with the science of how our thoughts and emotional states affect all matter around us.

Here I leave you with her weekly Food Angel and rich nutrition wisdom. She’s giving C2E’s quarterly Nutrition Intelligence Workshop at C2E’s Villa this coming Saturday, August 22 at 11:30am. For more information, please got here: Nutrition Intelligence w/ Chef Mo


Screen shot 2015-08-17 at 7.54.38 PM

This weeks Food Angel was late and says Good evening to you all on this lovely day. The heat flared up again this weekend wouldn’t it be nice to have a chill pill?? Not to worry though we are in for a bit of a cool down this week and so far today is proving it to be so.

Lots of salads these days and a request from one of you for dressings so 2 choices on the menu for next for you to play around with. Garden has slowed down even more with the highs over 10 in our little corner of the world. This weeks health tips about broccoli and millet and some staying cool tips.

Broccoli contains glucoraphanin, which the body processes into the anti-cancer compound sulforaphane. This compound rids the body of H. pylori, a bacterium found to highly increase the risk of gastric cancer. Of all the cruciferous vegetables, broccoli stands out as the most concentrated source of vitamin C, plus the flavonoids necessary for vitamin C to recycle effectively. Also concentrated in broccoli are the carotenoids lutein, zeaxanthin and beta-carotene, other powerful antioxidants.

Recent research has indicated that the regular consumption of millet is associated with reduced risk of type 2 diabetes mellitus. This is mainly due to the fact that whole grains like millet are a rich source of magnesium, which helps regulate the secretion of glucose and insulin. In addition an essential phytonutrient present in millet,lignans, are very beneficial to the human body as they have been known to help reduce the risk of heart disease and hormone dependent cancers.

To stay cool Just Add Water the relief is almost immediate, and will last for up to one hour or more.

Drink water frequently. Your body will feel cooler if you are hydrated. Adding mint leaves, or orange, lemon or cucumber slices to your water makes it more refreshing and encourages us to drink more.

Get a spray bottle – fill it with water, adjust it to fine mist and spray it on your exposed skin for an instant chill-zing cooling effect. Run cold water over your wrists for 10 seconds on each hand. This will reduce your temperature for roughly an hour.

Fill your bathtub with cool water and get in. Once you are used to the temperature, let some water out and refill with cold water. Keep doing this until you are sufficiently cold. Your body will stay cool for a long time after you get out. For a fast cool-down, add ice. So some of these suggestions you can do at work others like the bathtub are probably best suited to your home environment and these are just a few suggestions to get you started. So keep it cool.

All items on the menu are always Vegan, Organic and Gluten and Dairy free unless otherwise indicated for Woodland HIlls Local pickup.


Chef Mo to Go August 17, 2015 (This menu already expired to order this week, but if you like what you see and would like to be included in Chef Mo’s e-mail list, please e-mail and let her know you learned about her through C2E’s website.)

Mixed Squash soup with honey and sage

Millet salad greek style with olives & cabbage

Rice & kale salad with a tomato ginger dressing

Raw broccoli and apple slaw with a honey mustard dressing

Savory Organic Lentil & millet flour flatbread with herbs

Organic Millet and chestnut flour chocolate flatbread

Tomato Ginger vinaigrette Dressing

Lemon Honey Mustard Dressing

Raw energy truffles no nuts, sunflower seeds, dates, raw cacao, banana, ginger and hemp seeds rolled in sesame seeds.

Embracing our youth and their visions with TONES: The Art of Night & Music

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My 20 year old son, Yalan McCullough, had a mission when landing on planet earth. This old soul landed in my arms with eyes wide open looking at me straight in the eyes, illuminating me with love. My life has been enriched by his immense capacity to love, care, and create ever since.

We have been collaborating and co-creating together since my first home based/heart centered business venture, Camp Work-N-Fun in 2004. He was always my star camper, so willing to help out, invite his friends and take on every aspect of my wild ideas (this one was a Financial Stewardship camp designed to have campers earn beads through their active participation in various roles, such as Art Teacher, Basketball Coach, Documentary Director, etc..). Yalan’s favorite job was Art Teacher and his enthusiasm always made my day.


Then I took a little detour to the greeting card industry back in 2006 and Yalan would do art work that I would use for some of my greeting cards!

Screen shot 2015-08-10 at 8.39.55 PM

Fast forward to me in the fitness industry, inspired to start C2E’s first Pilot Program in 2012 to explore some concepts in the wellness field. Yalan, then a sophomore in High School, was ready to participate, and take in all that I was sharing about body-mind-spirit integration. All his friends were my first group of participants taking it all in and taking a very defined path of creative expression.

Screen shot 2015-08-10 at 7.29.47 PM

As he gets ready to start his higher education path in a couple of weeks at Moorpark College while working part time, he has taken on a wonderful initiative. Along some of the same kids that I know since elementary, such as Bryan Gelfound, Claudio Renyer, and Ben Gottlieb, Easy Living Productions was born to feature events dedicated to promote our community’s youth art and music. The first one of these events, Tones, is happening at C2E’s Villa this coming Saturday, August 15th at 6pm. I felt compelled to step back and appreciate, celebrate, and share the beautiful journey this has been for me as a Mom, but most importantly to encourage all who read this to support your youth in their art and passions, to get creative in propelling them into opportunities where they feel safe to take the courage, the leap, to actually LIVE the DREAM, which these days is more of an urgent calling than the luxury it used to be when I was growing up.


My life and career are all enmeshed together. When I became a widow in 2002 and became a single mother when my two boys where 4 and 6, I felt I had to get very creative on how to develop career paths that would enhance ALL of our lives. Working from home has allowed me to do that, but most importantly, it has given my children the chance to have me available in their lives and give them the opportunity to explore their interests through different aspects of my entrepreneurial path.

I’m so proud of all these young men claiming Easy Living for their lives and doing so in such a creative and productive way. Easy Living Productions is not about being lazy, it’s about joyful, peaceful, healthy living. They are intentionally creating the life they desire by DOING it NOW, learning Supernatural Production, and flowing to the beat of their own drum.

When we release control of our young adults, let them BE, and support them whole heartedly along the way, we are giving them wings to fly!

Looking forward to this Saturday with great anticipation. For more information about TONES please click here.

Much love to all!


SOKA University: Evolved Higher Education by Mayra McCullough

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Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 9.08.32 PM


This week I had the honor and privilege of collaborating with Dr. Marc Spencer, CEO of the rapidly growing, youth empowerment social enterprise known as Juma Ventures, in teaching a group of international students at SOKA University through the University’s Changemaker Program.  Headed by Director Mary Patrick Kavanaugh, the Changemaker Program connects students with Purpose Economy leaders who provide them with hands-on tools to shape students’ passions with tangible processes in order to help make their dreams a reality. The two day workshop run by Dr. Spencer titled Conscious Commerce Bootcamp, was literally a bootcamp of sound business practices that concluded with a Shark Tank type of Pitch to possible funders and investors (played by the students themselves). I was invited by Ms. Patrick and Dr. Spencer to demonstrate how embracing a daily practice of well-being that integrates body, mind and spirit is the first building block to any change-the-world endeavor.


My role at the workshop was to balance Dr. Spencer’s intense left-brain curriculum with tools that helped students connect with their inner wisdom, knowledge, creativity and source of strength. Holistic fitness requires discipline, patience, persistence, endurance, strength, confidence, intuition, and LOVE.  Once we learn to effectively manage our body – the first thing that was entrusted to us in order to walk in this life and planet – learning how more complex systems are developed and taken to optimum performance become second nature, joyful and effortless. We practiced guided meditations before each business development exercise, during which students experienced the power of working from their truth, their essence, and their peaceful place. We also went through assessing their current holistic fitness levels using C2E’s Wheel of Well-Being and were able to connect the dots between the skills they need to pursue their dream and the skills they need to live a lifestyle where they feel completely expressed in every area of their lives.


Both the students and teaching team were awed by the results of their required presentations with just a couple of hours to prepare. The amount of work students produced taking their passions and developing them into actionable changes they wanted to make in the world was truly what I call Supernatural Production. Also supernatural is this young international community of Social Architects in the making! Student goals included helping humanity overcome sex trafficking, ending financial inequality, reinventing the education system, setting people free from financial dependency, building community resources through community-made fashions, making organic foods accessible to all, stopping once and for all the ever so toxic plastic, providing sound opportunities to eradicate homelessness and transforming shark corporations to green friendly entities. Can you tell why this was soooo H.O.P.E. (Heaven On Planet Earth) for me?!! Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, New Delhi, Check Republic, Vietnam, and Southern California became ONE through these superstar students with great vision for a better world.


This article is dedicated to those who embraced this workshop and were open enough to tap to their personal power and their truth:

Elissa -  May your resourcefulness continue to ground you with conviction…SAFI is a solid vision of solutions for disseminating organic foods and assisting the homeless.

Kiki –  Your voice resonates with illuminating wisdom…1plusN has the potential to be a sound cure to poverty…please keep singing your song!

Paresh –  Your heart connection to your vision is so beautifully grounded, creative, and authentic…you brought me to the beauty of Bali’s sustainable fashion rainbow!!

Albert – You are set up to be a historic knight in conscious shining armor, UNAFRAID is an answer to many prayers…trust your gut!

Ted –  Your vision of reinventing future children’s education is so close to the heart of so many who feel trapped in a school system where they feel stagnant and misunderstood. Thank you for tackling that one ASAP!!;)

Yaro – Your process was as beautiful as the story of creation! You gave shape and form to the intangible, the invisible…you pressed through like a champion…keep practicing your power…we NEED you to SPREAD IT for sure!!!

Natalie –  WE GREEN BUSINESS was brilliant expression of your gifts of diplomacy, hard work, and marketing genius…may your light shine on!

Julie –  Mother Earth is really rooting for you and SANO RESOLUTION…your drive and excellent spirit will bring this home all the way!


I want to thank Dr. Marc Spencer for giving me this amazing opportunity to bridge the gap between monumental undertakings and the absolutely necessary skills of being self-sufficient in connecting to source and taking care of ourselves. Thank you for dedicating your life to youth empowerment, and being such a catalyst of change in our world.  Juma Ventures is a true and excellent model of Social Entrepreneurship that blends the benefits and strengths of corporate America with the humanitarian efforts and commitment of non-profit America. I would also like to complete this journaling exercise by thanking SOKA University.  To me, SOKA University is higher education evolved, with a conscious approach to edification. SOKA University is to post high school studies what Coach2Edify is to gyms in America. Both take a holistic approach to educating humanity in a way that embraces our birthright to happiness as well as our fulfillment of purpose in a way that promotes financial success. Thank you Mary Patrick Kavanaugh for spearheading the Changemaker Program at SOKA University and facilitating pure conscious commerce co-creative genius!!

Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 9.11.53 PM


Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 9.11.24 PM

Screen shot 2015-03-18 at 9.39.56 PM

ENERGY MEDICINE: Kidney & Bladder Health Article by Dr. Janice Kalec

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KidneyBladderBOXARTICLENature in all of Her wisdom arranges Herself in ever repeating cycles.  All life on our planet has access to communication from Nature.  In the season of WINTER seeds and bulbs of plants lie still and quiet, harboring great potential.  Winged ones and other animals have migrated to warmer climates or have found safe places to hibernate.  All of the plant and animal kingdoms listen intently to the messages of the cycles of Nature.  Urban humans are perhaps the most disconnected with Nature of all the species on earth.  Humans who do choose to hear the messages of Nature and live their lives accordingly find it easier to establish and maintain a higher level of health and wellbeing with greater ease.

In several health related systems each season is associated with an element.  The element related to WINTER is water.  We humans are essentially water beings.  The average weight of a human body is approximately 70 % water.  We start out life as a fetus being 99 % water and we float in amniotic fluid.  When we are born we are about 90 % water.  By the time we reach adulthood we are down to 70 %. In old age the percentage of water in our bodies decreases.  Throughout our life we exist mostly as water.

Water is the most receptive element.  Water has the capacity to  reflect and is considered a mirror of the soul.  All things vibrate each at a unique frequency.  Everything is creating sound as it vibrates.  Water, the MASTER LISTENER,  receives the sounds as it is so sensitive to each unique frequency being emitted and it efficiently mirrors the outside world.

As YOU ponder this, YOU who are approximately 70 % water, now in the apex of the season associated with water, is your interest peaked to learn more about how to consciously and beneficially work with this element?

Make it easier for yourself to stay healthier in WINTER by learning simple practices and meditations for this season.  Experience  gentle practices to help you consciously work with the emotion associated with this season, FEAR.  Learn how to better support your body with nutrition and helpful herbs.  Enjoy guided visualizations which you can repeat on your own.  Sleep is even more important to health in this season of longer nights.  Take home tips to implement deeper more restorative sleep.

Save the date: January 31, 2015.  Attend a workshop at C2E 10:30 am – 1:00 pm to learn more and enjoy a higher level of health with greater ease.

For registration details please click here to go to Event’s Page

C2E Launches Dream Maker Project with a Field Trip to Cal-Earth Institute

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Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 10.11.07 AM C2E’s Dream Maker Project (DMP) is an initiative to inspire, and engage people in the act of actually taking leaps of faith to carry out their dreams. We believe that it is in our dreams and visions for ourselves that we hold the solutions for a sustainable planet. We kicked off our first DMP with a wonderful field trip to Cal-Earth Institute yesterday and I must say that we filled our inspiration tanks to start Dr. Kalec’s Dream: The Peace Dome with fantastic momentum!!

Dr. Kalec and her amazing enthusiasm gathered a group of architects and sustainability enthusiasts to go check out what was once Nader Khalili’s dream, to build and test earth architecture prototypes that will educate people globally on how to empower themselves to be able to build with their own hands sustainable housing. I was drawn to this kind of architecture at first because it has the same look and feel as C2E’s Villa, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to build a little cottage for my Mom in our property, but the more I learn about the amazing benefits of building with earth, the more understanding I get about why I’ve been so drawn to it. It comes down to the three principles of Cal-Earth’s Mission:

1. shelter is a basic human right

2. every human being should be able to build a house for themselves and their family

3. the best way to provide shelter for the exponentially increasing human population is by building with earth

How is health and fitness related to all this?

Physiological needs are the physical requirements for human survival. If these requirements are not met, the human body cannot function properly and will ultimately fail. Physiological needs are thought to be the most important; they should be met first. Air, water, and food are metabolic requirements for survival in all animals, including humans. Clothing and shelter provide necessary protection from the elements. It is almost impossible to reach self-optimization and actualization without these basic needs met, and in the economic state that we have been in during the last few years, is very obvious that housing has become a critical concern for ALL, regardless of socio-economic backgrounds.

It is empowering to KNOW that there are other options that are not only safer and way more durable than traditional architecture, but also completely affordable. These options also bring a lot of peace of mind, and we intend to continue exploring this path.

We will be doing another field trip to Cal-Earth soon, so if you feel drawn, please e-mail in order to keep you posted!

In so much gratitude,


Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 10.34.10 AM

Dr. Kalec, fearless leader of the Peace Dome project!

Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 10.34.23 AM

Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 10.34.37 AM Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 10.34.48 AM Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 10.35.16 AM Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 10.35.27 AM Screen shot 2015-01-04 at 10.35.42 AM


My 2014 Vision Quest with Laura Hollick’s Nü Icon Movie

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NuIconEntry2014BulletinThis Post is dedicated to a lovely journey I took with one of my favorite transformational leaders of our times, Laura Hollick, who has dedicated her life to be a visionary guide to help us find what she calls our Iconic Essence. This is my second year participating in Laura’s Nü Icon Movie event, a free global event guiding transformational leaders on the rise to connect and clarify what our essence, our highest selves yearn to express in this world. The idea is that when we connect with this core, this essence, we tap not only into realizing our potential, but also expanding our potential. The event draws young, creative, and conscious entrepreneurs who support each other with love and encouragement, creating a Facebook Private group that vibrates with resonance! The event finishes with a contest I love participating in and my entry is the piece here above, which is a summary of my journey in this Nü Icon Movie vision quest. The contest winner gets a scholarship to work with Laura in the 12 Month Nü Icon Program. Working with Laura has been one of my heart’s desires for a while. Laura Hollick’s amazing guided rituals, shining example, and captivating inspiration brings our beauty, our gifts, our passion, and intuition to the forefront of one of the most practical aspects of our lives: financial freedom. As creative, spiritual, and elegantly wild as she is, Laura is not shy about the word money, and with great skill she brings her 5 Star operation, Soul Art Studio, to infuse excellence and success in very tangible ways that produce results.

Below is a little tour of my NuIcon Movie experience this year….

Here is me all set up for my Vision Quest weekend in C2E’s Dome. Laura taught us about Portals which creates  an opening in space and time to our new reality and vision. I was able to use all the tie-dyed coffee  filters from our Scrolls that we did for the Gentle Barn this month. A lot of love and care went to creating those and it was a wonderful way to carry that energy in this crucial space.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.09.50 PM Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.10.40 PM Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.10.23 PM

Through a series of rituals that Laura took us through we explored various facets of our essence and how to apply the qualities expressed in the process.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.35.27 PM Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.11.40 PM

For 9 days I dedicated myself to spend time in solitude, reflecting, meditating, allowing more to come through me. I had a big sheet of watercolor paper for each of the areas I was seeking guidance on. One side I would let the right brain express with art and then on the other side I did all my left brain lists, outlines, and more lists! It is amazing how much our brain can hold in when you see it all laid out in front of you! It’s a very intuitive process where many times I just sat blank, hitting those walls, but I’ve learned to patiently wait for the download. I call the download that moment where you feel wisdom and truth flow through you like sweet honey. That moment where you feel LOVE so deep and profound that there is no doubt that I’m communing with God at that very moment. It was a truly glorious journey.

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.11.04 PM

Last Sunday I was ready to bring the whole journey to it’s final expression for the Nü Icon Movie contest entry. I did a little selfie photo shoot in the Dome again, allowing what needed to be expressed to come forth fearlessly and authentically. The Montage I did for the Nü Icon Movie Contest was an expression of my sense of re-birth, clarity, and deep connection with an abundance, guided by the Quetzal, that is secured for my life. I have clarity, confidence, and the liberty to be me because it is simply the smartest thing to do, for ALL of us!;)

Screen shot 2014-12-03 at 9.13.59 PM

Another OmGym® Suspension Yoga™ Routine!

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This one is a short and sweet post of this VLOG that I recorded before going to Wanderlust this Summer. This routine is OmGym® Suspension focused, preceded by about 5 minutes of me talking about the SOS Practice. To those who have an OmGym® at home, please let me know in the comments below, how else can these videos help you get more familiar with your system. Enjoy!

The Co-Creative Culture

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c2a6619424bee00bcd43f301f1dc3413As you may all know, I’m addicted to being inspired! I seek inspiration daily and in the past year, one of my greatest sources of inspiration has been the topic of Conscious Evolution. What does that have to do with FITNESS??? EVERYTHING!!!! The smartest way I have experienced getting fit is by addressing our personal evolution as a whole. Our personal evolution depends highly on integration, not balance. Personal integration of body, mind, spirit first, then integration with our families and communities. We have been learning about balance to achieve wholeness for the past decade or so…and now is time to bring it all together to create the heaven on earth we have been promised! I’m evolving to become a social architect whose passion is highly driven by finding JOY in everything. As I troubleshoot C2E’s models of collaboration to find the most joyful, productive, effortless, and stress free working environments, I’ve come across the concept of Co-Creative Cultures. During my recent class with Barbara Marx Hubbard, The Sacred Journey of the Conscious Evolutionary, she introduced the concept of the Co-Creative Culture after 6 intensive months of personal evolution processes. Now I’m diving into her Co-Creators Rising class which started yesterday!! For any of you interested in the subject, I have created a little 5 page handout with all I learned during my introduction to the subject. If you feel drawn to this subject and find yourself wanting to do more with this idea, PLEASE EMAIL ME ( or leave a comment here below! I’ve included a list of Co-Creators’ Agreement which can come very handy to anybody managing groups of people.

The Co-Creative Community