2014 C2E Highlights

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A word from President and Founder, Mayra McCullough:


2014 was C2E’s 3rd year in business. Even though it has been a test of trust and faith in God’s provision for this work and the Universe’s aligning with our cause, the lessons learned have taken me to a place of actually being able to not fear or fret or get anxious about money. I received an understanding three months after leaving Equinox Fitness, it was clear to me that there was one requirement to LIVING THE DREAM….the requirement is: ‘not to worry about money.’ Since that moment I chose to transcend every opportunity with the potential of panic or anxiety about money, and I must say that I feel COMPLETELY taken care of and supported. I’m learning that conscious commerce in it’s true expression,  authentically infusing LOVE to our powers and gifts, operates in non-linear time management as well as what it seems a random money flow, but evidently orchestrated to provide for what we truly NEED, without wasting, hoarding, or borrowing. Every day I feel more and more empowered to flow in this new system that operates in synch with natural intelligence, non-stop creativity, heightened intuition, and confidence in our ability to tap to divine intelligence 24/7.

I am so grateful for my Tribe, my Village, my Clan, and my Pod of Pioneering Souls, so grateful for the support and love, for believing in what we do, for acclimating to the Dome and being part of this lovely path.

May we continue to find ways to help each other have and maintain our piece of heaven on earth by continuing to establish a DAILY practice of personal well-being, at HOME, FOREVER!

2015! Bring it ON!!! We are READY!!!

Happy New Year!!

Mayra McCullough


C2E Achievements in 2015:

• Tripled our fundraising from 2013!!

• Hosted over 15 workshops

• Had a presence in world renowned Wanderlust Yoga Festival and Green Festival

• Spotlight Sponsor for Gentle Barn

• Launched Front Lawn Fitness weekly classes as an initiative to connect more with our neighborhood

• Launched C2ENOX as a new gym turns to playground concept

• Began initial development stages for 3D Fitness Ride Installation

• Launched Volunteer Program

• SOS Self-Sufficiency Program established as Signature Program at C2E

• Dr. Janice Kalec joined C2E as resident gentle-chiropractor

• Chef MO joined C2E as resident Nutrition Arts Counselor

• Artist Jo-Ann Steven’s Flores and her DPD Studio in Woodland Hills becomes satellite Creative Expression studio for C2E’s Tribe

• Vicki Addley joins Board of Directors